About Me and my Writing

selfie of Cat Hartliebe in a car.

This is a writing based personal post. (I have a lot of them actually [Cat Hartliebe’s Personal Posts].)

[More about Cat Hartliebe]

My writing style is rather simplistic. I keep my vocabulary skills limited and write is short non complex sentences often. The reading skill needed is normally 3rd grade. I lack a lot in descriptions and actions. Yet have a complex story line built that just flows off the page keeping the mind entertained for a while.

Why? Why do I chose to limit myself in so many ways? The stories could be so much more epic if I just…

I am multi classifications of ND. Autistic and ADHD are two of them. My style suits my reading. And it suits many who are also autistic and ADHD. [Autist]

I suggest my low reading skill requirement is so people new to the language could read it.

But really… I write so that autists who are unable to reach my savant levels in reading can still enjoy the story. The constantly moving plot keeps an ADHDer entertained. The low skill means no reaching for a dictionary. My few additions of higher level vocab are completely built in so context clues will keep a reader from seeking knowledge.

My stories have long plots, short plots, plots that come and go because my brain works that way.

And don’t think I don’t add in my savant nature. Or my ND classifications. I see the world very differently.

Such as all my dragons are autists. Go ahead. Check them out. See how they function in the world. How they don’t fit in the same with creatures beyond their species. The dragons around other dragons is a very different relationship than when dragons are among others. [Natalie the Dragon Rider] [First Meeting] [Troubled Royals]

The ones who will find the most comfort reading my work will be NDers. I know that. Getting stories in their hands isn’t the easiest.

I’m not saying if you don’t classify somewhere within the ND group you wouldn’t find interest in my work. I still write complex stories that can hold a reader in place. But you aren’t my audience.

One of the very special things about Idol’s Gaze is the romance is between two hyperempathetic savant autists. Both Cat Hartliebe and Kwon Jiyong are written that way. Because I am and he looks like it. It’s a fluffy romance between unexpected people. People who struggle to find a relationship that works because we’ll never match up with the neurotypical expectation. Never. [Idol’s Gaze]

As the novel ends and my shorts begin, I create children who all classify, but the goal of Cat’s existence is to make sure those kids don’t grow up the same as she did. She wants to create a truly safe space for them to come home to. A real home. Where they can be themselves. Where their weaknesses and strengths are understood.

Idol’s Gaze is going to be a desired story for many autists out there. Because we want fluffy romance too.

Finding a community, finding a family, finding people who understand… Those are common themes for me. So common you can assume they’re listed. Many of my stories, my favorite ones, are me trying to show the world my view.

I never found – not truly – a character who matches me. Because autists were always written as childish or emotionless. I’m neither. An autistic adult is an autistic adult. We are adults. With adults thoughts and feelings.

Natalie is autistic. She’s written as a savant. She doesn’t grasp normal situations. But when she’s with Alex… It’s like she can truly be herself. The opening scene is one where she just doesn’t understand why. Autists often times end up in that state where they just don’t understand. And no matter how many times we question, we still don’t understand. That’s Dragon Rider’s opening.

I write for me first. I write for others like me second. I write for the world third.

But… Being autistic in a neurotypical world… There are hurtles I need to jump through that I pretty much can’t. Not alone, which I am. So how can I bring the work that is needed to those adults who gave up on reading because we were never considered?

I don’t know.

I am trying to offer non readers who want to read but couldn’t find their book a chance. Adults who were forced to read nonsense (it felt that way) because the school system is made for neurotypicals.

I don’t know.

Still. The first step is to get the books out there. It would be impossible to find the books if they aren’t published. I can do that part. I can create the stories, work through them until mastery, format and design a cover that is soothing to look at not overwhelming. I can hit publish.

And then?

I need support. My skills, my savant nature, ends there. Or… I’ve been traumatized from stepping into the limelight. Without that home that offers the chance for me to be myself, I can’t step further into the limelight.

It’s why I’m so worried about Jiyong. Because I see the same as me. And he has no one at home. And few would understand the way he sees the world. Even friends call us weird. And we’re supposed to just laugh it off.

I wish I could be his support. Even if it means I help no others. Because I know, he helps so many. By helping him, I help others automatically. I wouldn’t mind that.

I didn’t write Idol’s Gaze just for me. It’s my cry for help. But it’s also a love letter for him. Because if what I see is true, he’s been suffering too.

Please stop hurting us. Society needs to just let us be. We can offer the world so much. If you just let us be.

If you read many of my works, you’ll find my ND life written between the pages. Things you don’t think I know about or view. Ways I manage life.

And one of the series I do need to key in on is Modern Werewolves. Because it gives a plural life a little more hope. And that is another group listed under ND that gets the bad treatments. But in my world, to be a werewolf means you have two souls in one body. Two complete souls with different views and lives. Romance with plurals. Because they aren’t the villain. Society is. [Modern Werewolves]

All my dragons are austitic.

All my werewolves are plural.

It’s just something that happened. And my dragons and werewolves are the heroes in their tales. Because we can be heroes too.

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