Nano SS: 시우의 story

I’m getting words down. Poorly. I’m so bad at this. My brain isn’t thinking in terms of 한국 which makes this that much harder.

But anyway…

This story called either 악마 or 시우 takes place in Tsuba Ren’s world. That makes it a [Witches and Demons] series story. It claims dark urban fantasy as it’s genre. It’ll be first person. 시우 is a witch, but doesn’t know it yet. He has no idea about his magical powers or that he can interact with demons and other witches.

All I have down right now is the first scene.

고등학교는 쉬웠다. 발 아래 나뭇잎이 소리해요. 대학 수업은 어렵다. 나는 멈추어요. 한숨을 쉬어요. “나는 실패하지 않는고있어요.” 

계룡산국립공원 가을에 아름답니다. 떨어지는 잎들. 나무는 모든 것을 살아남습니다. 할머니는 ‘시우, 완벽이 필요합니다.’ 고 말했다. “피곤 해요.” 나는 나무에 기대어요.

“!!!” 시끄러운 목소리. 사람들? “Can’t believe they expect us to visit town.” 어떤 언어? 누구? 영어가 될까요? 내 영어실력이 대학생활이 어려운 이유. 

“They fawn over whites, though.” 더 달콤한 목소리. 여자 같은. 

“I hate speaking Korean.” 

“I think it’s pretty.” 그녀는 한국어를 완벽하게 구사합니다. “안녕하세요! 프라임 소고기 있나요? 얼마나 많이?” 쇼핑? 

“Humans are disgusting.” 그가 무슨 말을 했는지는 모르겠지만 기분이 좋지는 않았다.  

“You say that about all the creatures on the surface.” 

“I’d hang out with squirrels over humans.” 

아무 생각 없이 따라하기 시작했다. 왜요? 모르겠어요. 우리 걷어요. 그들 말해요. 그들의 말이 이상해요. 

“Hold up.” 남자가 멈춰요. 

난 나무 척해요. 

“There’s nothing here but trees.” 그녀는 계속 걷고있어요. “Let’s go. We’ll be late.” 

“Fine.” 그는 그녀를 따르어요. 

일단 그들이 떠나면 나는 집으로 돌아 가요. 집은 안전해요. 

The English is actually Demonic, but 시우 cannot speak either, so assumes the harshness found in the language is English. Next scene will have him find out the words do not sound quite like English, although he’ll just guess it’s a different dialect.

I use English to mark the language difference. When I did Leagende, my German was the human’s language. English was the elven. I’m doing similar here.

Because I’m not mixing two languages I don’t know well enough. And I really do need to split them.

시우 will eventually learn Demonic, but that will probably be after the story ends.

10k… in this… may be asking a lot.

But I won’t give up on the first day. Once my brain starts thinking 한국 first, I’ll manage better.

I forgot how to write 우리…. I mean… How does one even forget that? *exhausted sigh*

Word Count Currently? 161 words. I’ll call it a success. I kinda still don’t have a plot… Well… I have some plots to intertwine, but the big one is missing. And I lack quite a bit in the language.

And yes I made 시우 treat nature with formality and the white strangers with politeness. On purpose. Mwahahaha. Disrespect will go both ways. It’s fine. (not really; thats a subplot)

Wanna watch me struggle? [Google docs file]

I start with notes that are mostly in English. I never did pick a college. Let’s see if I can stay vague. I didn’t even give 시우 a major… That may hurt me. Either way he’s struggling because he lacks a strong skill in English. It’s not failure. He’s just not acing everything like he did in high school.

Should he drop out? Hmmm….

Schools in Korea start in March. There are two semesters. The second begins in August. So since this is autumn, 시우 is half way through his second semester at college. It’s the perfect timing for the weight of college to hit home.

I’m not going into this blind, deaf, and dumb like I am for whatever English creation I’ll make to hit the 50k goal (I have zero work on that; not even a name). But… What little I have… Is only going to help me so far.

Remember this story is to boost my skills with Korean more than just write a story.

I can only hope it does.

I’ll probably make another post at some point either saying I gave up (it’s hard!) or saying how well I’m succeeding. I’m not starting off great. A hundred words isn’t a lot.

I did create [Favorite Singer] this morning instead of nanoing… That won’t count for my words, but it counts for something… Right?

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