Word Crawls!

In [Writer’s Stuff] I have a bunch of motivational blog posts, how to guides, suggestions, and information. [Prepositions] is getting viewed most days. It’s weird.

But for those of us trying for Nano with this impressive word count goal, a word crawl can be a life saver.

There are two big word count boosters: a word crawl and a word sprint.

Word sprint is you against the clock. Or against another person over the same time period. You face off with someone to see who gets the most words in the few minute sprint. You can seek out NanoWordSprints on Twitter during any active nano month. They are constantly doing sprints. And that’s only one place. Facing off against someone helps you use a competitive mental coding to improve your writing speed and lower distractions. You’ll probably be faster facing against someone. Most are.

Word Crawls on the other hand are a personal challenge.

You go through a form of story where you have to succeed at a number of words, a word sprint, or some other writing suggestion (such as add water to the scene) to gain access to the next part of the story.

These are like little victory boosts. ‘Once I hit 50 words, I can keep reading.’

There are many word crawls created and posted in random places.

Lists of Crawls I have on my blog:

Word Crawls: A word crawl is like a word sprint. Except it’s not against anyone. | Word Crawl: Book Fairy | Skyling’s Special Pokemon Word Crawl | Moe’s Special Pokemon Word Crawl | Cyro’s Special Pokemon Word Crawl | Fantastic Baby Word Crawl | Apple Pie Word Crawl | Black Belt Word Crawl | Werewolf Word Crawl | Pokemon Word Crawl by Cyro |

If you just search for ‘Word Crawl’ you’ll get this massive list of options. If you want one based on your favorite book, the only option is to see if you can find one.

Although I write word crawls (for Cyro’s sake), they aren’t easy to do. I wouldn’t call them hard either. Time consuming. It requires a story and to split the story into small morsels that will keep attention. Keep an eye on the word counts being asked for. Think of the person you’re creating it for. How good are they? Can they handle a 10 minute word sprint? Can they pull off a thousand words in a few minutes?

Word crawls are meant to be tackled fast and slow at the same time. They are helping tools to get you to the writing goals you have.

Any questions about any writing tool, tip, or thought, I’m here and open to chat. I have no further writing blog posts for the year ready. But I’m always down to create more.

For those of you facing Nano 2021, good luck! Enjoy the challenge. If you’re not enjoying it, it may be best to skip the attempt. Finding your method may not include 50k words in a month novel challenge.

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