Hmm… Nano Story 2021 Idol’s Gaze Version 2.0

I’m currently calling my nano story: Idol’s Gaze Version 2.0 [Idol’s Gaze]

I’m thinking maybe I’ll start posting it chapter by chapter once a day once my currently scheduled Idol’s Gaze shorts end (tomorrow).

I think I need to call it something else, because it’s not the rewrite. It’s a brand new story with a similar concept. Cat Hartliebe meets with Kwon Jiyong randomly. They step into something. Many of the same issues in the first book are there, but also different ones.

I’m enjoying writing the stories. And they help me explain my world more. I’m writing directly from life with few changes. The only real difference is having Jiyong there.

It’s honestly quite depressing. I’m not living my best life. I can’t. I’m struggling to survive. Seeking Jiyong as a white knight is foolish on the best days. It doesn’t matter if he looks like a perfect match to me; we’re so different on many levels.

What am I doing?

I need to focus on 시우’s story. And I’ve been… Too close to tears. Too overwhelmed by how bad my life is currently. I… I need something to go right. My diseases are active putting me in a push if I want to live category. [Nano SS: 시우의 story]

I don’t want to push.

Life doesn’t feel worth living. Not like this. Not around these people.

I hope I can come up with another title for the novel. I’m picking GDragon song titles for the chapter titles. Maybe I’ll pick one of his album names for the title.

The only safe thing to use in a story is the title, remember. Using lyrics is copyright infringement. You are allowed to use the title.

“With U” may work. I’m going to think it over. For now, I’m going to change it to With U.

One of a Kind…. Shine a Light… No. With U is best of the albums I’ve seen.

But I’ll keep thinking about it.

[With U]

Current Chapters (as of 19k in the story):

  1. Ch1 “Intro”
  2. Ch2 “Hello”
  3. Ch3  “She Can’t Get Enough”
  4. Ch4  “Foolish Love”
  5. Ch5  “Baby Goodnight”
  6. Ch6  “Day by Day”
  7. Ch7  “Heaven”
  8. Ch8  “”

GD actually has a mode for his song titles: “Intro” without any added other names is listed 4 times. Out of his 160+ songs written or composed by him.

I want him publishing more songs. *sigh*

One thought on “Hmm… Nano Story 2021 Idol’s Gaze Version 2.0”

  1. All 8 chapters completed as of right now are scheduled. By the time you see all eight, the novel may be finished. Who knows?
    I’m a ten days novel type of writer. It may be finished before you see the ones I have scheduled to post now.


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