Nano2021 Update: Nov 9th

So… 시우’s story has gone no where since I wrote [Nano SS: 시우의 story]… Sorry if you were looking for it. I really need to get on that, but my health has been… Poor.

And to think, my poor health didn’t stop my other story from zooming. Not a single road block in my way. Day 1, I started “With U” just like I started 시우. And Day 7? I hit 50k. And today? I finished it completely. Last night I wrote The End and today I wrote two epilogues to fill in a few loose ends. These epilogues are only there to show it’s a happily ever after for my pair. (And I needed a scene with Mujae.)

That means… It’s Day 9 and I need to start another story. I’m gonna go romance, but I’m gonna stray away from me. Let me try for a romance I can sell instead of these wishful thinking stories.

With U will be posting on the blog. [With U]

I’m probably gonna go in and double up chapters for each day. But I only have up to chapter 8 scheduled at current. So one will post in the morning. One in the afternoon. Maybe… I’ll do 11:11 and 11:11 because let’s really show how much I’m wishing here. Mmmm Jiyong is so wonderful. He’s the perfect type of weird for me.

I’m expecting this year to become my highest word count in the month. In 2013, I hit 107,724. In 2017, I hit 100,290. Those are some big totals. And I am well on my way to beating them. So this should be my third year I hit double.

And maybe… I can hit triple. Cheer me on if you want me reaching 150k words. That may need a fourth story. Um… I haven’t even planned the third.

But I pants everything anyway. I just start writing hopeful I’ll get somewhere. My millions of words written and read and studied will get me there. Faster than you’d expect. At a quality that seems absurd. That’s part of why I’m posting my first drafts on the blog. To prove to you I’m not playing games with my mastery or my speed. I really am that good.

And I’m disabled in this field.

There’s lots of wishful thinking in my life. But thoughts don’t turn into worth.

And while I work on my stories, I’ve been teaching Cyro. They’re over 1k now. I think they finally have the will to face the story. And that’s step one whenever you step before the page.

Am I strong enough to write this?

I’ve learned the best method. Just do it anyway. Every writer cries while writing. It means you’re doing it right.

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