SS: Epilogue 1 “Korean Dream”

[With U]

There was a mention of a visit to Korea to figure things out. Think they’ll manage by March?

Epilogue 1 : “Korean Dream”

I put my bag in his room. He wants to give me a tour of this amazing house he calls home. Or he wants to call home. “Wait… Jiyong? You think I can turn this into a home?” Maybe I can’t keep up on the cleaning. There’s a lot of rooms, a lot of space.

“I think the lack of a person and the smell of a meal are the biggest missing pieces.” Jiyong takes me to the kitchen. “As per your requirement.” He motions to the various papers he put on the counter.

“I’m more worried I don’t have the items I can cook here.” I glance at the fridge before picking a paper up. It’s in Korean. “I swear to you I have more skill with Korean, but I can’t read this.”

“Oh. Sorry.” He shifts the papers around to show off a basic translation. I wouldn’t call it proper grammar, but I can read it and guess what it means. “And we have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning at nine.”

I stare at the information for an Ob. Seems his sister just used them. He has full faith in this doctor. However… “I’m not pregnant. I know that. I just told you I was bleeding.”

“Glad it ended before you arrived. I don’t think I’m ready for that.” Jiyong cringes. “No. This is the dentist.”

“Dentist…?” I stare at him.

“For your teeth. You said doctors. I’m going with all of them.” He moves through some papers. “This one can be a primary.” He hands me the notes.

My jaw just drops. “Jiyong…”

“But… I can’t just… Not until…” Jiyong shrugs. “I know who to call if something happens. The dentist though is a bigger concern. They know who I am and who you are to me. I’m expecting perfection.”

My missing teeth… That I lost because I protected Kevin in my womb instead of my face. My chin slammed into pavement. It was about a thousand to give me the ability to eat after shattering the teeth. The shock on the dentist’s face that my teeth shattered and not my jaw. My jaw should’ve broke.

But my bones never break.

“Cat?” Jiyong pulls me into a hug. “Did I… Did I step over a boundary? Should I call and cancel? You need this. It won’t be as expensive here. I can promise you everything will work out. We’ll get the consultation tomorrow and hopefully get the actual work done before you leave. Or you’ll have a visit back soon.”

“For my teeth.” I’m crying. I’m hiding in Jiyong’s arms to cry. “Why? Why do this for me?”

Jiyong hugs me. I’m safe in his arms. “Consider it me doing it for me. I do have an image to uphold. If I can’t even make sure you have a perfect set of teeth? Something we need to survive well in this life? What type of boyfriend am I?” He moves both of us back to the papers. “And I got the marriage paperwork as you asked. How to make you a resident legally. As well as citizenship paperwork if we want to go that route. What it would take to bring Kevin here legally. I can make everything happen quickly, because money to the right person can jump hoops. And I don’t set up for your medical stability? You said besides the missing home and family, you were missing medical.”

“I am.” I still didn’t think…

“No fighting me on this. You will see the dentist tomorrow. We are going to set you up with some implants. You’ll get some temps while your jaw heals and in a few months time, you’ll be back getting permanent teeth.”

“You were asking about it.” I look at him. I’ve researched. I want them. The cost though…

“Yup. It wasn’t just price. Timing matters. We’ll aim to get you in for the first work while you’re here. And I’ll make sure the schedule can work for me. I’ll drop everything so I can be here for you. Or I’ll have someone we both trust helping you.”

“But… I don’t know anyone here?”

“You will before the week’s ended. I’ve told my closest friends about you. My family. You’re meeting everyone who knows about you.”


“It’s only like twenty people. You’ll be fine.” Jiyong nudges me. “And Eden is absolutely perfect. You’ll love him.”

I stop Jiyong from starting his tour again. “I… I want to be your family. I want to have a family with you. Having these weeks away have been…”

“Both horrible and amazing.” Jiyong scans me. I do need that tour. It should start in the kitchen. “Let’s get ourselves settled. After this week, we’ll have a clear idea which direction we’re headed.”

“Into the bedroom.”

He grins capturing me up in another hug. “I was hoping for the alter, but we can make a pit stop.” His kiss is everything.

[With U]

Epi2: “What Can I Do?”

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