SS: Epilogue2 “What Can I Do?”

[With U]

This is a little less “aww”. But you want to end it with that little girl Mujae in my arms, right?

I do. I think I misspell her name and I purposefully forgo writing the child’s name (its a little boy right?) because I lack knowledge and didnt want to seek. Media has forced them to tell people. I dont think they really wanted to.

Epilogue 2 : “What Can I Do?”

Jiyong made a suggestion that Youngbae and Hyorin aren’t managing well. Might have something to do with the twelve hour days Bigbang is putting in at YG. Not that it can too surprising. New album drop plus concert series?

Kids are a lot though. Hyorin needs more support.

I pick up the phone. This is part of my job. “Hello, Hyorin?” It’s a casual greeting. I’d call us friends, but really we’re more best friends’ wives. We get caught in the same circles. Dami will take us both out at once though. ‘Throw the kids at the husbands’ night out. Generally no one minds.

“Mujae has been looking for a little play date. Think you can drop him off? For the afternoon. Kevin needs to practice his swords. I doubt he’d say no to his favorite hyung swinging a sword around.” I grin. It’s been easy to trick these kids. Kevin adores them. And they all adore him. “Why don’t you go drag Youngbae into a lunch date? I force Jiyong into them occasionally. Really helps when he gets caught at YG dawn to dusk.”

I nod to her words. She needs to tell Youngbae this though. She doesn’t speak up enough. Dami’s good for forcing her to speak her mind. I normally get the kids. If someone needs a break, I end up with more than just mine.

I never mind. I adore these kids. They are so wonderful. Each child is so different. It’s nice to watch them grow. Become more true to themselves. I make sure my home is a safe haven for each of them. And I get to keep their parents in the know without losing my convented spot as favorite.

“Send him a text you’ll be there in fifteen. And just go. They’ll bring you to him. Blame me. It’s fine. If Jiyong thinks I sent someone he’ll cut everything in half to reach me. He knows when I’m fuming distantly things are trouble.”

I let her vent. She needs more than just this. I really should become a closer friend. But it feels… strange. She isn’t the person I’d pick out as friend. We’re very different.

But maybe… That’s important. I should try a little harder.

Because if Hyorin doesn’t have the people she needs in her corner, there’s no way their marriage is going to work. She needs more outlets. She’ll never be happy as the stay at home mother like I am.

“Yup. I’ll see you in a few. I’ll watch him for a few hours. Go make sure that loving husband of yours remembers your face. Sheez. It’s like they live at YG anymore.” I laugh at her comment. Then hang up.

The little toddler reaches out for me. She looks so Korean, but I’d say she doesn’t look exactly like her father. Probably a good thing. Dami has said she’s her duplicate. The pictures of her youth kinda agree. “Mommy? Is he coming?”


Mujae cuddles with me while her eyes are on the door. “Soon.”

“Yup. Soon.”

[With U]

Epi1: “Korean Dream”

No further stories are planned. I mean I can write some, but I’d rather just savor what I have here. I wish I was savoring Jiyong not just my wild fantasies. *sigh*

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