Hmmm…. Dove

Dove cover attempt by Tod Leben

[Dove] is one of my completed rewrites ([Lycacon] is another, but I’m not focused on that).

Dove is about a superhero who isn’t interested in being a superhero. Because his father the current Superhero doesn’t seem very superhero-y.

Back cover::

Icarus has few desires in his life (except -of course- flying through the sky). He completes his work and survives his father’s desires for him. Icarus doesn’t really look forward to the future. Not that he seek to erase it. It is more, the future is there neither terrifying nor exciting. Then again… how long can Icarus put off his father’s desires before he ends up losing everything? What exactly is Dad seeking?

Joe wants a stable life with a stable boyfriend and a stable career. He does not truly think Icarus can help him. After learning the truth about Icarus being a human with bird wings and being the son of Bird Man, Joe really cannot leave the guy alone. Plus the guy’s cute. Can’t blame a guy for looking. Joe knows not to touch (or expect).

With ‘Dad’ ie Bird Man making things difficult for the new friends and the interest of Big Ben (a corporation competing with Homer Industries), these two will have a lot more in their near future than they even thought possible. Surviving seems likely- Icarus always has before- but can they come out better for it not just alive?

That’s the back cover at current anyway. I don’t know, though.

Dove is 136k words. It’s my longest story that’s standalone. Not that I didn’t create an ending that could lead to another story, but that’s same world. This closes nicely.

As much the cover says romance and the book is romance heavy (M/M demi/ace rep), it also deals with good vs evil, fantasy elements, political undertones, etc. It’s superheros. And it’s more the hero is really the villain and the villain is chaotic good.

I really like the story.

And I like the cover. It suits the story as a whole.

But… It’ll be a lot of work. It’s not easy to get through 136k words to edit properly. It’s not fluff and fairy tales.

This ends with murder.

There’s triggers.

There’s blood.

There’s no way this will classify as Cat Hartliebe.

The level of abuse written is… It’s…

It’s cathartic. It shouldn’t be. Writing abuse shouldn’t be cathartic. Because that means abuse is my past. And it feels as if my future too.

I can’t escape.

I need escape.

Which story can I work on then?

Writing is my only escape. Until death. This is all I have.

I’ll never be saved.

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