Modern Werewolves

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If you’ve been really listening to me, I wanted to get Modern Werewolves back out to the public.


I haven’t created a new cover and I haven’t given it the review it needs.

Here’s a few notes about the series as a whole:

Modern Werewolves.

They’re perfect. That’s stated early on. The wolf soul’s magical ability is to make the werewolf perfect. They stop aging at twenty five and have the best of the best physical health.

This also means, there are no (and will be none) trans werewolves.

I know the series makes it seem like I’m anti-trans, but no one is being forced to be a man/woman. They all are. Dysphoria is nasty and shouldn’t be possible if the wolf soul makes you perfect. The wolf soul picks the pregnancy they want. They pick their parents. It’s part of why the werewolves have a lower live birth rate. Without a wolf soul, the fetus will not live. If the fetus isn’t perfect enough for the werewolf soul? It won’t connect. It won’t live.

The issues my werewolves deal with is queer love and mental health.

If you want to read about trans person existing try any of my works with a dragon in it. As a hermaphroditic species, they are typically trans or have the story lines that match to it.

There is consensual fighting (called training) and sex throughout the entire series. It is spoken about randomly and considered normal. These werewolves are generally long term monogamous. That isn’t always, but mating marks are important. Long term mating marks save a wolf from a lot of the mental health associated to being a immortal.

Having a second soul attached to the body is not what causes the mental health crisis of “the wilds”.

The wilds happens when being forced to face trauma. Everyone faces a level of trauma. It will build up and cause a werewolf to go wild. They lose humanity and let the wolf take over without awareness to the human side. This can happen as a youth, as a teen, as a new adult, as a mid lifer, as a triple digit, etc. Trauma builds. It must be faced.

Modern Werewolves may have all of my pennames attached. Trauma based ones will be Tod Leben and that should be most of them. Since the series as a whole faces against trauma, the only ones that won’t are the ones who lean into general mental health and romance. It’s a big series with a lot of books already written.

This is a million word series. And it’s not finished yet.

Part of my goal right now is to decide if all the books are Tod Leben or if Cat Hartliebe and Cat Gillete belong in the author profile. I know some of the main characters are preshift and unshifted, but just because they are children in the story doesn’t mean they deserves Cat Gillette as the author.

Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Children’s should be marked Cat Gillette if I’m publishing it. But age of MC won’t always equate to classification of work.

If those stories heavily lean on trauma, I have to mark it Tod Leben.

It would be better to have the entire series marked Tod Leben than have a book here and there not marked.

The reason my thoughts bring it up? Because Cyro Hartliebe has attempted writing in my series. I would love for them to join the chaos. It hasn’t fully happened, though. Starting to write a novel doesn’t mean completing said novel.

I’ll weigh if any of the books can be marked Cat Hartliebe or Cat Gillette. It’ll take work to really get through it.

Another note:

One of the undercurrent pieces I want to have connect to this story is abortion is a seriously good option. My werewolves refuse abortion even if it hurts them in the long run. Because of a low birth rate, they believe all pregnancies deserve proper treatment.

And part of the traumas is because abortion isn’t acceptable.

I want Modern Werewolves to make people think abortion is a good choice. Because health is more than just a pregnancy surviving to term.

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