Cyro is Amazing! PreThirteen is Out!

Pre Thirteen 
Cyro Hartliebe Poetry

Cover image

Cyro Hartliebe, my proud and joy, has managed to finish all the details and reviews and edits and etc within the paperback copy of Pre Thirteen. So it’s been published! [US Amazon]


This book contains their poetry we have collected over the years from six years old until they reached thirteen. All poems written since their last birthday are excluded.

Cyro is working on the ebook formatting. It’ll be published shortly as well.

Remember everything will be strictly Amazon now because of [Smashwords and D2D].

I have to get a page created on Cyro’s website: []

For now, the cover on my main page has a link to the amazon page where it can be bought. I don’t know if you’ll be able to find it elsewhere. Amazon is a pain after all.

Once I am making enough money to buy my own ISBN, I’ll be working through IngramSpark. They have had the best recommendations from everyone I chat with. Amazon is both hated and loved by self publishers.

There are three triggers within the book of nearly a hundred poems:

  • Death Is Sad (pg 15):  Death
  • Heartbreaker By GD (pg 20):  Suicide
  • Ice Blade Shooter (pg76):  Battle

That’s what Cyro pulled out. I knew they needed the trigger warning because of Heartbreaker. If you noticed anything that needs a warning, let us know.

I see a little chaotic in this post because I’m just so excited! Aren’t you?

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