Exercise! Pikachu’s Known

Cyro is working on organization edits – and all edits if we’re being truthful -, so I created an amazing essay about pikachu’s well known existence. There has been no research done minus what I know off the top of my head (which is a lot more than I realize).

If anyone else would like to practice organizing an essay to best present the information, this essay is for you.

Or you can laugh at the chaos. That’s fine too.

Pikachu Won Everyone’s Heart

The pikachu hashtag on Instagram has over 8 million posts. Pikachu is the most well known pokemon. Everyone seems to know pikachu even if they couldn’t name another pokemon. Given that stat, it seems a bit surprising pikachu did not win the most loved pokemon title.

Advertising of the pokemon franchise is a big reason for pikachu’s well known success story. Whether it was a game, tv show, movie, food product, or other random ploy for money, pikachu was front and center. Everyone has seen pikachu’s face plastered on magazines and on tv.

A possible reason for pikachu’s success story is because Ash’s first and only continuous pokemon through the seasons has been pikachu. Pikachu doesn’t hide in a pokeball. He never evolves. He is always the pokemon Ash can rely on after the first few episodes of the first season anyway. Pikachu was not always Ash’s best friend.

Pikachu is a bright yellow color with flashes of bright red on its cheeks. It’s normally shown smiling and positive. Yellow is a well known positive color across most cultures, and a smile is normally seen as happiness. Both increase the likeability of pikachu.

There are many pokemon that a general person can name. But if you were to ask everyone in the world, you’d be hard pressed not to find pikachu as the most commonly answered pokemon. Only because some people only know pikachu as a pokemon.

Pokemon franchise has succeeded in many ways. Advertising pikachu everywhere gave them a much needed boost to what would be considered a very childish idea.

Social media is filled with pikachus. With the various games, tv shows, and products besides, pikachu is a draw most people know.

When I see pikachu, I know the pokemon franchise has been a success story. In conclusion, there are few people in the world who couldn’t point out a pikachu if you held up several pokemon at once. Although personally, I’d much prefer Greninja having such a massive fan base.

This is the type of work I’d cringe over. How would you best create an essay with this topic? What would you tell me to correct?

What’s the main idea? What are the support paragraphs? How does everything transition (if it does at all)?

Reordering sentences to best convey the idea and deleting useless information will turn this chaos piece into something I’d want to post. If I was going to post about pikachu being well known anyway.

Try to create a workable introduction using these sentences. Is there a thesis statement we can pull out? Does one need to be written still? Where is the conclusion? How many points were made?

I look forward to hearing about someone telling me corrections on how to make my pikachu essay better.

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