Theres little left

for me to say

you arent looking

for a fun pastime

im the worthless creature

who stole your time

please stop begging

ill leave this time

nothing matters

not any more

and no one listens

its only scorn

i have no time

for more than this

im losing out

im calling quits

and you cant tell me anything

because you never cared

not once

did you ring

im losing steam

and wishing

covid didnt leave me injured

but without suffering


no one cares anyway, so it doesnt matter that im gonna just ignore this for a while. im tired of trying. and theres nothing i can say further to make anyone care about me.

you cant even do little things to make my life better.

why would i think youd want me around for anything?

Life is horrible. People showed their colors. Believe in that. And realize how much they literally hate my existence. Why does everyone wish my death? Why does death sound like the better option?

I’m done offering my everything to people who hate my existence. That was my decision at two. And every time I decide that can’t be the truth, everyone proves it is.

Go away. I’m done with your hate.

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