Random Collection of Writing Prompts

I have a random list of writing prompts. Normally I grab two or three random words and throw down a short story when I need to write but can’t think of something. This list is a little more weighty.

There are three groups: open ideas, if someone was given a book that…, and mixed up little mermaid. Anyone can use any of the suggestions. I won’t get to them. I don’t know where I got most of them minus the little mermaid ones, but the idea I used isn’t listed.

Prompts: Open ideas that don’t have any plotting

  1. It snows in july
  2. a man who cannot be tattoed in a society where its required
  3. an mc who cannot use any word that contains “a” because of fear. their name has an “a” in it. Try first person and have their thoughts deny a.
  4. imagine a spoon falling in love with a fork
  5. what if in the three little pigs, the wolf is a door to door salesperson not out to eat them. or religious people.
  6. What if in sleeping beauty the wicked witch was invited?
  7. What if holidays literally changed people (aka everyone’s a pirate on pirate day)?
  8. what if in snow white her real mom is the witch and her step mom’s good
  9. what if you found a genie?
  10. tell the story of the true flower child.
  11. you switched places with the person you know the best. how’d your day go? would you try to switch back?
  12. Writing Prompt: A decadent fruit, a doctor, and an awkward conversation. Go!
  13. You decide in the become your own author at your 6 am wake up call.

Guy gets a book that….

  1. Gives them superpowers
  2. Teaches them various languages with minimal effort
  3. Turns them evil
  4. Is impossible to let go
  5. Written by their true love, but lacks the name
  6. Makes them hate reading forever
  7. Gives them a goal
  8. Tells them their future
  9. Shows possible world options but no solutions on how to fix anything
  10. Offers power in exchange for their soul
  11. Turns into a person
  12. Asks for kisses
  13. Needs blood to survive
  14. Has all the recipes to the most important medicines
  15. Creates the item that’s drawn inside
  16. Reads aloud
  17. Is a legit spell book
  18. Was written by the most infamous person ever
  19. Was written by the most unknown genius ever
  20. Answers life’s biggest questions

Little Mermaid Switches

  1. What if Ursula is arial’s mom and keeper?
  2. What if Ursula gives arial legs to be human in exchange for her voice (spell’s cost and force her not to explain things) and forcing her to fall in love with the prince?
  3. What if she falls in love with the second prince instead?
  4. What if ursula’s goal is to turn the human kingdom into a second atlantis to defeat triton?
  5. What if it is up to arial and her second prince to save the kingdom?  Both kingdoms?
  6. What if ursual used to be queen and arial, the thirteenth princess, is the only one she was given upon her removal from throne?
  7. What if the first prince’s first meeting was not a boat, but him trying for an exchange with Ursula asking for the perfect wife (silent and beautiful)?
  8. What if the second prince followed to try and deny him?
  9. Three days for a kiss, that is the spell’s limit.
  10. Can the second prince distract Arial long enough?
  11. Will take over anyway and plummet the kingdom into the depths of the sea?
  12. How will Arial save the day? 
  13. what if in the little mermaid, ariel is the sea witch’s daughter?

I can’t say how good any of these are. They were brainstorming attempts. Either I collected them else where to add to my list or I came up with them. I have more. You can take whatever you need to boost your own ideas.

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