Cat Gillette’s Autist : Main Character(s)

Let’s get started on about posts. Posts to show a little bit about each of the published works. I’ve been meaning to do it. [Autist] is a collection of short stories and poetry. I still want to explain it to reach a proper length of a book, but for now, it is a short collection of my work.

Autist Main Characters:

Autist cover by Cat Gillette. Green letters on a watery background with a starfish centered.

MC character sheet:

There are several short stories within this collection: Aquarium Visit, Mrs. Namil, The Book, and Cara’s Amusement Trip. Each one has their own characters.

Aquarium Visit

Aquarium Visit follows young George on his first visit to the aquarium. He has a special interest in starfish. His love for sea life made for a nice trip.

Mrs. Namil

Mrs. Namil is a math teacher. Clarence is struggling in class. The teacher refuses to give up on Clarence just because numbers can be trouble for her. Julie has struggled to give her information away in class. They are side different common issues among Autists.

The Book

The Book follows a child as they get distracted by the book they wanted when they were supposed to be proving responsibility.

Cara’s Amusement Trip

Cara’s Amusement Trip is the longest of the short stories in the collection. Cara is a mute little girl going on her first trip without her parents. Her aunt is giving her the chance to just be a child. Which all children need. Cara being mute makes the situation a little tougher to solve, but she manages just like every other child figuring out how to survive in this world.

The entire book is giving main character status to a group of autistic children who wouldn’t see themselves as the main character often. I didn’t. They are written for those who are like me. We’re still the main character in our life. We aren’t just the side characters of yours.

You can buy the ebook of Autist on Amazon (US) or you can buy it within the paperback [Hartliebe Poems and Shorts] on Amazon (US).

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work.

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