Marketing My Book 101

I need to get to writing marketing blog posts for my published works. It’s needed for many reasons.

But the question became… What am I supposed to post about?

Alright, kids, I’ve been publishing a while. After paying attention to various threads and posts on the topic, I think there are several things expected.

Post on EVERY Social Media Account you got

For one: Post on every social media you got. Do not just post about your work on a social media. Be You most of the time, but also don’t forget to actually post about your book. Don’t look at your baby and refuse it limelight. (One in five post is fine close to the publishing date; one in ten posts far from it.)

If you hit publish (or plan to), speak up about it. Answer questions in a #WritingQ thread. Or find hashtags on your social media that relates to “Here’s information about my book”. Create a pretty picture either on a site like or as a graphic designer using GIMP/Photo editing software or in person as a photographer. Such as:

There are a lot of options when it comes to social media. Use the resources. Scan other authors. Check out traditional publishers. What are they doing that you can copy or make a comparison?

Second, focus in on one book at a time (I won’t). Work it up during it’s three to six month preorder time then six months afterwards. On it’s anniversary – and you’re still happy with it – remind people it exists. Tag to your posts about it.

If you don’t feel happy with it when reviewing it for the anniversary post, see if you can create a new edition to make it up to your new standards. We are all getting better and will see issues with old work. It’s fine. It’s normal. Don’t be afraid to do both. Be proud of who you were.

As for blog posts

There are many ways to draw interest over that almost year you are promoting a book. (See why I can’t do just one?) If there is overlap make sure it’s preorder versus can already buy or series overlap. Doesn’t hurt you as much. People can be easily confused if you switch between books too readily. The massive time gives the book time to really drum up attention. Consistency is key.

What to write about?

I’d suggest weekly posts following any of these topics. In whatever order you chose, although some do better as preorder and others would suit published already. What you say and how you say it will depend on what the book is, who you are talking to, and when it’s going to be published.

  1. Title   (Every post)
  2. Author (Every post)
  3. Series  (Every post)
  4. Date Published  (Every post once known)
  5. Where to buy (Every post once known)
  6. Your page for the book (Every post once created)
  7. Word Count   
  8. Tag line          
  9. Cover          
  10. MC character sheet   [Character Quiz may help]
  11. world post      
  12. favorite scene
  13. favorite character      
  14. dedication      
  15. plot and themes         
  16. favorite line   
  17. formatting notes and discussion       
  18. genre and other books like it 
  19. sexualities and genders         
  20. couples           
  21. what made me write it/ where did inspiration come from    
  22. who do I think needs the book          
  24. Book club questions  
  25. notes  
  26. other   
  27. Opening

See how these options can be used multiple times? On top of your social media posts? I can use every important couple as a separate post. I’d want to when working on Dove. I have the important love between Icarus and Joe. I have the friendship between Joe and Krystyn. I have the budding romance between Sam and Paul. I have the professional/parental relationship between Romeo and Icarus. All of them deserve a little spotlight. You can include whatever relationship you want. Who you wish to talk about and why.

If we’re talking a full year of weekly posts, you’d need 52 of them. I would suggest creating them as quickly as possible. Burn out will happen. At the just created six month out preorder, you can make a post about it existing. You can have a regular blog post for the rest of the first month with a vague reminder at the bottom saying it’s coming out “soon”. No pressure.

Within three months before preorder, you should be hyping your work. For a full month after, your work should be getting more of the stage than you do. Those four months are crucial. They really are the make it or break it for you book. That’s the most important time.

This post so far is just personal stuff for free you can do.

There are things you can ask or buy to get your book more noticed. Getting your book on a book tour is huge and only requires you finding the people and asking them if they can. That’s where friends can be a huge benefit. That page I mentioned in the list really would help get your book sold through the book tour.

Beta readers and reviewers of all kinds are benefits. Ask for real reviews, their real opinion. [Readers]

You can pay to get yourself on a book reviewing site. It will get your book reviews. Number of reviews is actually the most important piece. The more real the review sounds, the better it is at drawing a reader. Any review though is a good review.

You can – although I won’t suggest it most of the time – give away your book for free. This works to draw interest to your series or to you as a writer. I could such as give away copies of First Meeting in an attempt to get people interested in my work. Or Unwanted so people want to read Leagende.

But mostly free books will just get your book in their TBR pile. It normally doesn’t lead to much without the fanfare needed from other marketing tools and skills.

Gifting your book to friends and family may grant you a better outcome, but I’d only suggest offering a free copy to someone who wants to review it for you. You cannot pay someone directly to review your work, but you can offer a free copy.

Guess this turned into Marketing My Book 101. I haven’t done it right yet. I’m too distracted by things, I don’t have support, it’s taxing for me more than the rest of the field is. There’s other reasons too, but I do know things. I have knowledge and ideas.

I just haven’t done them.

Any questions, ask. If I don’t know, I’ll figure it out. The internet is powerful.

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