Cat Hartliebe’s First Meeting: The Books

Let’s get started on about posts. Posts to show a little bit about each of the published works. I’ve been meaning to do it. [First Meeting] is a collection of short stories. First Meeting II is coming along nicely. Assume that should happen sometime in the next two years.

First Meeting’s Books

The Books:

There are twenty five books. Each one has the main character of a friend or family member. Each one is a separate short story. A few intersect in the same chaos world. Mostly, though, the books are separate.

Brian and the Wise Owl + Leeann and Georgette.

Linda’s Wolf, Liam + Carmine Meets a Wolf

Vampire Daughter: Lucy + Jay Presents to Zombies + Succubus Johni

The rest are separate. Several are set up to fit into various worlds. Dorothy’s Spirit Friends and Georgiann and the Dolls really can fit into any world I feel like, but aren’t guaranteed to fit right now.

Most of the stories I asked the person who claims main character to pick a fantasy creature to “meet”. So most of the stories deal with the character meeting a favorite. These aren’t characters meeting idols, though. Fantasy isn’t idol worship worthy.

Twenty five books in question:

  1. Amanda the Demon
  2. Brian and the Wise Owl
  3. Leeann and Georgette (ghost)
  4. William and Snow (white mage/ world transfer)
  5. David Meets an Elf
  6. Jay Jay’s Long Day (dragon)
  7. Dorothy’s Spirit Friends
  8. Georgiann and the Dolls (living dolls)
  9. Heather and the Gnome
  10. Patrick and the Leprechaun
  11. John, AKA Battling Rocker (demons/ magical powers)
  12. Linda’s Wolf, Liam (werewolf)
  13. Carmine Meets a Wolf (werewolf)
  14. John Hates Thanksgiving (fairy)
  15. Kelly Finds Something (dragon egg)
  16. Megan’s Kitty Cat (werecat)
  17. Kevin and Blazine (fairy)
  18. Vampire Daughter: Lucy
  19. Jay Presents to Zombies
  20. Succubus Johni
  21. Van Gogh and the Full Moon (werewolf)
  22. Aimee’s Allies (pixie/ elf)
  23. Shelby’s Mark (Anime like magical girl like magical heroine)
  24. Skeleton Sans Meets Vappy
  25. Dragon Owns John

If you have any questions about any particular book (or wish it expands to a full novel), speak up.

For those wondering about First Meeting II: The Liam story is advancing with a few more side stories (and hopefully a slightly larger special edition for Liam and Linda). No guarantee I will get permission from those who connect to the new stories, though. First things first after all.

There is also another story attached to Lucy’s vampire world. That will be included; I already have approval.

If you have interest in joining one of these worlds or seeing a first meeting expand into something longer, chat with me. I’m available in so many places and I love chatting about my work.

You can buy the ebook or paperback of First Meeting on Amazon (US Kindle) (US Paperback).

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work.

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