Promotion images

You’ve seen my covers. I did all of them. Yes. Even that one. Most are from images I collected off Pixabay. It’s not easy to find images that are free to use without copyright infringement possibilities. I call them $20 covers which is the cost to pay a graphic designer to make such a level of work.

A better cover should come in with a higher cost. When I finally have free cash for it, I’ll be aiming for $100 covers. For now, my covers are good enough. (If you are a beloved fan and graphic designer/artist, I wouldn’t mind starting such a conversation up now.)

[New Jersey Favorites] [Leagende] and [Just a Little Bit of Life] are special since they aren’t Pixabay pictures. I used my photo for New Jersey Favorites. The other two are completely made from GIMP and my random skills.

I like GIMP. It’s comparable to photoshop. I used photoshop back in college. I wasn’t good at it. I didn’t fully understand it. And if you asked me for GIMP help, I’m gonna ask the internet. My level of knowledge and skill is minimal. I know that. I’m not aiming for high praise.

So I’m definitely not paying anyone to create promotion material. I didn’t spend any money on covers because I don’t have any. My extra cash will go to chocolate and ice cream. Okay? That’s where my extra cash is going and will be going until I get serious extra funds.

I still need promotion material.

First Meeting by Cat Hartliebe quote:
"You seem a touch different, but no one is truly alike. We just all play the same part." ~ Succubus Johni

A few years ago, I created a few questionable to decent images for promotion. Such as:

The [First Meeting] promotion material can still work too. It’s not too busy and shows off everything I need it too. Should I create new? Yes. Definitely. But for now, I really needed to focus on the ones I haven’t gotten to yet.

[Fall in Love], [If Non Humans Could Talk…], New Jersey Favorites, [Non Human Best Friend], [Autist], and Just a Little Bit of Life do not have a paperback version. Each one is a touch too short.

Each one aims to one day be good enough to have their own paperback, but that day hasn’t come yet. So I really need to create promotion material for these brand new ebooks.

Autist by Cat Gillette promotion material. 
A different way of thinking doesn't mean we're wrong. #OwnVoices
Free on KU
Available on Amazon

Everyone says nice things about Canva. I guess it’s okay… I made a promotion image for Autist using Canva.

For someone who doesn’t have much graphic skills, Canva will probably save them.

For someone who has been working with GIMP for nearly a decade? Not so much. I have a lot more control in GIMP. So I skipped out on the Canva attempts.

Autist was done. And like with First Meeting, I’ll want another image. At some later date. But for now, this works.

That means I need to focus on the others. Using GIMP. And my skills.

First I downloaded a bunch of background texture options from Pixabay. I pulled out my various nature images I have as well. A bunch of clouds in the sky? Amazing. I’ve been taking pictures with these ideas in mind.

That left me with:

Fall in Love by Cat Hartliebe promotion material.
Love comes in more forms than just romance.
Ebook availabe on Amazon. Kindle Unlimited.
If Non Humans Could Talk... by Cat Hartliebe promotion material.
What goes on inside the mind of those who aren't like us?
Ebook available on Amazon. Kindle Unlimited.
Just a Little Bit of Life by Tod Leben promotion material.
Four short stories offering humans a chance at just living life.
Ebook available on Amazon.
Tod Leben isn't the type to offer perfectly positive stories. Be warned. 
Kindle Unlimited.
New Jersey Favorites by Cat Hartliebe promotion material. Ebook available on Amazon. A couple short stories and poems showcasing the author's love for their home state. Kindle Unlimited.

Fall in Love, If Non Humans Could Talk…, Just a Little Bit of Life, New Jersey Favorites, and Non Human Best Friend each needed something. I can now post about them easily on Instagram. I could add an image besides just a cover on Twitter.

These are meant to be promotion material. I made them. For free.

Non Human Best Friend by Tod Leben promotion material. Dogs, cats, trees... The best friends in the world who aren't human. Ebook available on Amazon. Tod Leben isn't the type to offer perfectly positive stories. Be warned. Kindle Unlimited.

All it took was my time and energy. I don’t have much else going for me.

Now I have paperbacks for the rest. [Hartliebe Poems and Shorts] especially will be easy if I just take a quick picture of the book and add these new promotion images. (Which I did last night!)

I have pictures of Hartliebe Poems and Shorts, [Poem a Day May 2020], First Meeting, [Tsuba Ren], Leagende, [Of the Coming of the Moon], [Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade], and PreThirteen (Cyro still hasn’t made a page.)

That means I have something to promote with each of them.

I stare at my list and collection.

I double check with my list and realize – somehow – I’m missing one.

Like legit missing a picture. And I can’t use an old promotion option either. I have no idea where my [Troubled Royals] author copy went. Since it wasn’t with the rest of my author copy collection, I didn’t take a photo of it. Not sure how I’d make the set up anyway. [See the various set ups here]

I need to put in a new order for author copies. I slowly give them away for various reasons. (Now, you want to be my friend, right?) I’ll make sure to pick up an author copy of Troubled Royals both as a paperback and hard cover.

But even if I put the order in Wednesday (when I realized), it would take at least a week to reach me.

I’m ADHD. It’s now or never. So, my next option is a promotion material similar to my ebooks. That’s fine. I need to do more material for all of them anyway. I just need to state it’s all three types. (I’d add audio book too if I could pay or had the skills to manage it myself; sorry.)


Troubled Royals by Tod Leben promotion material.
Royal fairy tales with a twist. 
Ebook, paperback, hard cover available on Amazon. Tod Leben isn't the type to offer perfectly positive stories. Be warned. Kindle Unlimited.

And I dislike it the most.

Oh well. It’s something. Something is better than nothing. And once those copies come in, I’ll want to take new photo shoots for all of them.

And when I feel like opening GIMP again, I’ll get more promotion materials done that way.

Have I done the same with Dove? Not yet. I have a few pictures I took of the proof copy I use for Instagram. I need to buckle down and get back to work using GIMP. I need to ready a beautiful option for it.

Promotion materials are really important for marketing. It doesn’t need to be anything truly special. But if you have nothing, you’re missing out on a key piece. I highly suggest it. Just like with my level of covers, my level of promotion creation would lean on $20 a piece. It takes time and effort. Use Canva. Learn GIMP. Ask a friend who loves you. Gain an agent and publisher (they’ll handle this part).

Do not pick self publishing if you can’t manage something like this. Self publishers have existed a long time. But they were always the richest of the group.

I have my great uncle’s poem book he created because my family was that well off. (I am not; but ancestry matters in many cases.) Self publishing is now open to everyone. That doesn’t mean you’ll be successful without a fuck ton of effort and time or a fuck ton of money.

Good luck. And I hope you like my creations.

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