Cat Hartliebe’s First Meeting: Quotes

Let’s get started on about posts. Posts to show a little bit about each of the published works. I’ve been meaning to do it. [First Meeting] is a collection of short stories. First Meeting II is coming along nicely. Assume that should happen sometime in the next two years.

First Meeting’s Quotes

Nearly every book has it’s own quote.

First Meeting Quotes

Amanda analyzes the man, annoyed. “You do realize mornings are never good.” ~ Amanda the Demon

There is always something to do. Always too much to do. It’s never finished. ~ Brian and the Wise Owl

Sometimes she wanders between the students giving them the answer. The little kids are more likely to hear it. They get so excited when they get it before the teacher. It makes Georgette’s day incredible. ~ Leeann and Georgette

When he reaches work, he sounds depressed. Most think it is because of the snow and they are only half right. He is depressed he is missing it. ~ William and Snow

Wandering elves are not to be trusted if you are common. They love offering trades and normally not good ones. ~ David Meets an Elf

The kids make the struggle worth it. ~ Jay Jay’s Long Day

“Who were those men? Where did they go?” He looks inside the room where the female sleeps alone.
“What are you doing here?”
The small creature stands on the window sill he is looking in on her from. “I live here.” ~ Heather and the Gnome

Still young enough to want to believe in the fairy tales. Yet too old to actually believe in them. ~ Patrick and the Leprechaun

“Not even in my dreams will I play religious rock,” John tells him crossing arms in annoyed fashion. ~ John, AKA Battling Rocker

The only one who cares about her at all would be her cat. And everyone knows how much cats care. ~ Linda’s Wolf, Liam

He was not orphaned, even if sometimes it felt like it. And other times he wished he was. ~ Carmine Meets a Wolf

“I like it! Can we keep it?” Kelly claps her hands together excited. ~ Kelly Finds Something

Megan stares out into the night. “Black night, tonight. Bright moon, but no stars. Yet, I’d rather this than other options.”  ~ Megan’s Kitty Cat

Lucy hears it over and over again. She’s moved a few times. Had to. Mom and Dad didn’t quite work out. Well, Dad never seems to make it work quite right. Understandably, considering he’s not a human. ~ Vampire Daughter : Lucy

“You seem a touch different, but no one is truly alike. We just all play the same part.” ~ Succubus Johni

Shelby pulls her pink hair back again. It’s not pink enough to scream I’m an anime heroine, but it’s pink enough. Her clothes look thrown together last minute, which probably has something to do with the fact they were thrown together last minute. She was almost late to class. ~ Shelby’s Mark

“Found it.” John spots an actual nest out of sticks, straw and dead plants. Also a few small rodents have proven this creature eats meat. He whips around looking for the thing that caused such a mess. Flying creatures the size of dogs attack humans and cause serious damage. “Time to come up with a suit of armor.” John shivers backing away from the nest. ~ Dragon Owns John

You can buy the ebook or paperback of First Meeting on Amazon (US Kindle) (US Paperback).

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work.

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