Published! Uplifted by Cat Hartliebe

[Uplifted (poem book)] has been published. The ebook is already up (meaning KU is also a thing). The paperback is denied because… Reasons. I’ll make that possible shortly. No more than a few days, promise.

I have it set for 99 cents. Because I need the uplift and I know others do too. I’ll eventually switch it to $2.99. For now and until I fight off the depths again, Uplifted will be listed as low as it can go.

I just wanted to celebrate the completion. The full list of poems is on the page about it. Amazon offers up a preview if you’re interested. And I have a proof copy video on Youtube that gives a taste as well [Youtube].

Or Instagram where I posted things while editing: [one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six]

If you want a copy in exchange for a review, I’m down for that too. I’m always offering free ebook copies to anyone interested in helping me.


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