Tod Leben’s Dove: Icarus/Homer Characters

Dove published August 1st 2022! [Dove] The ebook and paperback are available on Amazon (US). Ebook will be Kindle Unlimited.

Dove is a 137k word novel. Although other stories may be set within its world, it is a standalone.

Dove’s Main Characters

Romeo, Janet, Gregory Smith, Mayor Yerill, Marie Curie, Louis Braille, Eleanor, Carl, and Fred

Side Character Sheet:


Dad’s assistant and the real father figure in Icarus’s life. Romeo keeps Dad from going too far into evil supervillain territory, but he can’t bring out Dad’s good side. He just knows there is one even if it’s hard to see.

He has very strict hours because he has wife and children at home more important than Homer Industries. He wasn’t always that way, but priorities are important.


Runs Homer Indutries with a strong guard. She keeps the place in great running order even if Daedalus probably should be handling things. Any Homer Industries problem can go to her. Anything superheroing needs to be sent to Romeo or Dad. Dad is always a bad choice, though.

Gregory Smith:

A weapons manufacturer for Homer Industry. Has a working relationship with Dad. Married with kids. Talks wine with Joe – both enjoy the topic. Finds out (assumes) about Joe and Icarus being a couple and supports it completely.

Mayor Yerill:

Mayor of the city. Supports Daedalus’s actions without fully reviewing all of it. She is not someone to mess with.

Marie Curie and Louis Braille:

These two are scientists and best friends. Marie has a huge crush – that everyone knows about – on Icarus. Marie and Louis live together but are not in a romance relationship. Louis is blind and forces the government’s not-really-justice justice complex into accepting Marie as his co-scientist. The two come up with dangerous things as if villains, but the hero writes history. These two are safe. They are friends with Icarus.

Eleanor and Carl:

Two other workers in the complex. Eleanor runs things. Carl is Icarus’s support for torturing. Friends of Icarus.


Tailor extraordinaire. Joe thought he was the ex-Bond the first time he met him. Really he is a high quality person who Icarus could trust. He handles all suit concerns, including the stuff they’re expected to wear as superheros. So he may not be an average citizen, but he isn’t that special. (Or maybe he is O.o)

Dove published August 1st 2022! [Dove] The ebook and paperback are available on Amazon (US). Ebook will be Kindle Unlimited.

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work.

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