Tod Leben’s Dove: Joe Characters

Dove published August 1st 2022! [Dove] The ebook and paperback are available on Amazon (US). Ebook will be Kindle Unlimited.

Dove is a 137k word novel. Although other stories may be set within its world, it is a standalone.

Dove’s Main Characters

Susan, ‘E’, George, Nicole, Paul, Amy Lynn, and Jessica

Side Character Sheet:

Susan and ‘E’

Diner friends of Joe. Susan has been working there a long while (and Joe only trusts her so far). E is a regular and loves chatting with Joe.


Joe’s gym buddy. One of Joe’s many friends and the reason Joe picks a particular gym. He does know Homer Industrties has it’s own gym which would be free to use. A gym membership has it’s benefits.

Nicole Thompson:

Joe’s older sister. Married with three kids: Paul (16 year old), Amy Lynn and Jessica (twins). They are making thngs work in the city, but really can’t give Joe space for his own use.

Paul Thompson:

An anxious sixteen year old. Because of the anixety he suffers with, he couldn’t handle high school. He has friends there, but decided it better to homeschool and try for the GED. He shows up on Joe’s doorstop after taking the test. He looks dragged into everything after that point, but he wants to be included. He wants to have a very clear position and help. Plus he really thinks Sam is hot. His relationship with Joe is very close.

Because of the issues around Paul, there was some discussion about letting him be adopted by Joe. Paul was the reason his parents married when they did. Joe is a backbone for Paul. Paul has been a bit much for his parents while they are also raising twin girls. Joe steps up whenever required. Paul has loved having a “rich uncle” in Icarus, especially since Icarus has no idea what a typical teenager needs. Joe stops several concerning events from happening.

Amy Lynn and Jessica:

twins and named after Mike’s (Nicole’s husband) half sisters. Amy is met during the story. Jessica, the half sister, is dead. They are children, a handful, but not real characters in the story.

Dove published August 1st 2022! [Dove] The ebook and paperback are available on Amazon (US). Ebook will be Kindle Unlimited.

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work

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