Tod Leben’s Dove: Big Ben Characters

Dove published August 1st 2022! [Dove] The ebook and paperback are available on Amazon (US). Ebook will be Kindle Unlimited.

Dove is a 137k word novel. Although other stories may be set within its world, it is a standalone.

Dove’s Main Characters

Dominico, Sam, Amy, Jonah, Geno, Stan, Irma, and Joseph

Side Character Sheet:

Dominico Skywalker:

The daughter of the head of Big Ben. She is Icarus’s only ex. She’s engaged during this story including having a big ball to celebrate such a wonderful engagement. She isn’t thrilled with her future husband, but he is “fine”. She seeks to be the center of attention.

Although she has superpowers, she is not the Black Witch. She is only the daughter of the Black Witch.

Sam Skywalker:

Ignore his perfect womanly figure, he is not a woman. Ignore the fact he has to look like the perfect goddess in his Black Witch costume – it comes with the magic – because looks do not relate to gender.

The magic is cursed him to look a certain way. He can’t change it. He’s still working on handling it.

He is eighteen years old and future head of Big Ben. That future is a long way off yet. Even though his mother is dead, his father is not giving up on controlling the corporation. He feels more comfortable learning than acting.

(Amy and Jonah normally have to trick him into the upper management meetings with quiche; Sam loves quiche.)

As a note: Sam is not out when he first joins the story. He botches his public coming out, too. He’ll be fighting much of his life to be seen as a proper man.

Amy and Jonah Lockehart:

Cousins. They may look like a perfect couple at times, but they are just best friends and cousins. They are also the closest thing Dominico has to friends. And with the help of Joe, they also return to being real friends with Icarus.

Amy is related to Nicole, Joe’s sister through married. She was even at the wedding, even if Amy hasn’t had contact with Nicole and Mike since. Joe kindly set her up with all the information she needed.


Saw something special in Joe and offered him a job at Big Ben. He doesn’t die, but he isn’t well enough to show up a second time during the book.

Stan Lee, Irma Grese, and Joseph Mengela:

Future Big Ben employees. Joe could see that right away. he refused to really get to know them. I would probably refrain as well.

There are a few more characters, but that’s a good list, right? It is a long story, so it’s not surprising to have a long character list.

Dove published August 1st 2022! [Dove] The ebook and paperback are available on Amazon (US). Ebook will be Kindle Unlimited.

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work

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