And On to the Next One (Princess/Prince options)

[Dove] has published. Yay!

There’s no stopping me, though.

So… What do I want to pick?

Now, [All or Nothing vol 1] is being worked on. I have several poem books I’m half way through planning. Plus [Writer’s Stuff] and my [cookbook]. So It’s not like I’m not doing stuff.

But, none of that is fiction work. I need to get some fiction work going.

I have several to pick from. But I think based on how I’m feeling, I’m gonna work on Troubled Royals II:

There is no true set decisions as to what should go in it. I’m pulling poems and working on short stories.

[Troubled Royals] has quite a number of stories in it. It is my first hard cover. I really love the stories. Within the collection is my first published work: Cursed Items. My oldest work that is published is also within the collection: Crown Princess.

I had The Little Merman done before completing Troubled Royals the remake. But I didn’t want to add it in. So that was an option for Troubled Royals II.

My prince/princess stories completed are Arissa, Trapped in a Tower, Cinders, Corintha + Darthcannon, Half Prince, Healing Princess, Trio of Princesses, Returning Home, The Little Merman, and The Beast.

I have a lot of poems. I have already marked 14 poems for the second collection without going through everything.

Trapped in a Tower, Cinders, The Little Merman, and The Beast are my current thoughts for the next collection short story wise. The problem being Cinders and the Beast are quite long.

Arissa needs a lot of work. It has 17k words right now. It needs serious developmental edits, though. I wouldn’t think I could get it in shape within the year. I called it Cinderella Reworked, so if anything, it belongs in such a collection. I just don’t think it’ll be ready for this one.

Trapped in a Tower is my disabled princess. I am very happy with where the story is. It was weighing on my brain for quite some time before I threw it all down in a few days a few weeks ago. (Check out [Pain and Glucose 1 : The Turtle and the Hare] for a similar story idea, although this one is princess.) It is just shy of 12k words. It shouldn’t change much during edits.

Cinders clocks in at 24K+ words. I plan to see if I can cut anything. I’m normally the type to add during edits though. I may have to put Cinders and The Beast in one book separate from my collection. This story is a genderfluid Cinderella story. Cinders is fully out from the first word as genderfluid.

Corintha + Darthcannon was a teen story I started and rewrote after losing everything. The new story is far better than the one teen me wrote, but it’ll need a lot of work to be good enough for publishing. It’s also a novella and will be a standalone at 39k words before the edits that’ll add several thousand (expectation based on previous edits). That will not be the title. I do not have a proper title. The working title is because that’s the name of the main characters. Titles do not need to be rushed.

Half Prince may be classified as done, but I wouldn’t really consider it. I’m not confident with the entire story line. I think it needs more than a rewrite. A fully reworking really trying to figure out what I want to say here. Don’t expect to see this one. It is only 16k, but still won’t show up here.

Healing Princess is a series of short stories. I do not have a clear ending to it. I’m not absolutely confident with the plots and characters. I know the big arcs, etc. but there is a lot missing before I can be confident to publish it. So don’t expect it. At current it is 13k words. Really isn’t ready at all.

Trio of Princesses is a series of three intertwining stories around a set of countries in the same world. There is special talent many possess which makes this princess story very much fantasy. The three will end up at some date hopefully published as a trio of princesses. They shouldn’t enter into Troubled Royals collection. Combined total of the three is 45k+ words. Edits will push that over 50k combined. It’ll be a big addition. I know where I am in edits for them. It’ll be a lot of work, but I believe worth it in the end. Make a comment if you want me working on them.

Returning Home is a elven princess who was magically marked with amnesia. She has no idea who she is at the start of the book. It slowly leads to her finding out the truth around her life. It will be a standalone novella/novel. Not sure where the word count will be after I fully finish everything. It’s already over the 40k mark. It is high fantasy, political, romance. One day it’ll reach the public eye.

The Little Merman is similar to Snow White Reworked in Troubled Royals. I took the Little Mermaid story and twisted it to my desires. It is only 5k words and I plan to get it ready for Troubled Royals II.

The Beast is the secondary story after Cinders. When I place them in the collection, they will follow each other. That is if I can get them down on word count. The Beast is a trans man who has been forced to play lady. His family expects “her” to woo the crown prince, but the prince is very much gay, so no lady will ever woo him. With the help of Cinders, Beast comes forward as a man and the love interest of the crown prince not that the prince ever thought that knight was within the collection he could ask for marriage. It’s complicated. Anyway, the story is nearly 30k words. I don’t see how I can knock it down either. I underwrite not overwrite.

Maybe I need to set up Cinders + The Beast in a duology. Combined they will be over 50k. It’s easy for me to add. Not so much to cut. It may be my better option.

Still I made this cover because I’ve been thinking of building a second collection for Troubled Royals. I just need to figure out what stories belong. I know I have enough poems. The stories are the real problem.

FYI, all these princess/prince stories are Tod Leben. I won’t explain things, but my royal/fairy tale stuff seems full of possible triggers. …. Then again… Most fairy tales are full triggers. Not the Disney version. Disney just proves many fairy tales can be written without triggers… But is it truly the same story?

Update: Cinders and The Beast works better separated out. So Cover:

The Prin possible cover image by Tod Leben.

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