Forgot One; What am I doing?

I didn’t realize [Genie Wishes] was a royal book, though. And if it counts as a prince/princess, there’s no way Darrell is aiming for king. [And On to the Next One (Princess/Prince options)]

Darrell’s goal in the story is figure out who his parents are. He knows going in (not that he told anyone) that they are royalty somewhere. And he is qualified for such considerations. But he has no idea where he should be connected.

All three in Genie Wishes are connected to royalty. Aleania is a descendant of the royalty of Hium, although it is only a small side note to suggest keeping sexual distance. Her direct cousin is on the throne, not that she has any relationship with anyone there. Jordan was magically conceived by Darrell’s aunt through a distant cousin of his. The magical signatures are close, but biologically they’re further away. Aunt Jak used the magic to create, but did not add in any of their biology.

Even if I continue writing the world, Darrell is not going to become king. He’ll be a royal advisor, but not the actual royal expected to lead even though he is currently crown prince.

Darrell’s cousin Princess Tan or brother Prince Hector are the possible next royal to lead.

This may be the book I aim to publish next. It’s full fledged novel and is after the major rewrite stage.

But I can’t help but want to get Cinders and the Beast out. I will set them up as a duology. No point trying to cut from an underwriter’s story. I could probably turn them into novels versus bring them fully into short stories. They can stay at novellas. It’s fine. (Short stories really need to be less than 20k words. Novels go over 50k. These two are 25k-ish and 29k-ish words. Clearly novellas since I underwrite.)

Troubled Royals II will eventually be completed, but I need to write more for it.

I could set Troubled Royals II up as a partial ebook like I have [Fall in Love] [If Non Humans Could Talk…] [New Jersey Favorites] [Non Human Best Friend] and [Autist]. [Hartliebe Poems and Shorts] is their print copy because each is too small. Part of me is working on expanding each of them to be full paperbacks on their own right like [Of the Coming of the Moon] and [Troubled Royals] are. ([Just a Little Bit of Life] will also reach full paperback at some point.)

Many of them just need me writing short stories that fit within their confines. I’ve been writing a lot of poems, and these collections really are my favorite poem types.

I will be working on the poem books: Unstable Footing, Balance (Title to change probably), Uplifting (Uplifted book 2), Parenting/Family (Title to change), Queer (Title to change), and Nature (x2 probably; one for Cat Hartliebe and Tod Leben). Plus I need to get [All or Nothing] vol 1 finished and All or Nothing vol 2 finished. Yes, I have enough poems now for vol 2. I’ve doubled my poem total since my birthday last year. If I want to aim for over 9000 poems in my lifetime, I have to get my butt in gear. (Check out my Instagram for much of my new poetry)

On top of everything so far, I will get a running proof copy of my [cookbook] and of [Writer’s Stuff]. I kinda need them. Writer’s Stuff will have writing poems as an addition. I’ll probably take all my writing topic poems for a small chapbook after I finish Writer’s Stuff. Or when I have too many for it to be called a chapbook.

So much to do. So much in front of me. I’m exhausted thinking of it.

My real question is Cat Hartliebe’s novel isn’t listed in my work. Gold Star Member… Needs a lot of work. I’m putting it off. I only finished it a few months ago. There are questions I have to ask and answer before getting into the edits. I’m not willing.

The other item I didn’t comment on is [Dragon Rider]. I’m working on it. 9th is published. 10th is like a month out from being ready. I’d say at least six months before 11th can be ready. And a year before 12th. I don’t think I’m getting them ready this year though. I may push and get the last three out next year.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts, I’m open to listen. I’m easily distracted by my writing and poetry with my other writing and poetry. This is my special interest and I’m ADHD on top of that.

I think I may want to have a Short Story Challenge month. May is my poetry challenge. At least a poem a day. Short Story would be… A complete story every day for an entire month… Although that’s a tough request. I know it is. Although… I can do super shorts and have it count. Decisions. And which month? September? Hmmm… I could just aim for the rest of August. See if I can make up for starting midway.

November is Nanowrimo. So October and December should be off the table for my short story challenge. August and July are no school and BENNYs. So bad choices. May is poem a day challenge. June and April should be off to handle it. January is a new goals month, so sounds like a bad plan. What’s left? Feb, Mar, and Sept. Hmmm…. September may be the best. Or March. March Madness of writing short stories every day for a month. Rofl. A decision for later I guess. No wonder I didn’t just throw down for a month. My months are already hectic.

I’m distracted within my own distracted blog post. I’m just gonna end here. Don’t be afraid to comment about my chaos.

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