Tod Leben’s Dove: Couple Joe and Icarus

Dove published August 1st 2022! [Dove] The ebook and paperback are available on Amazon (US). Ebook will be Kindle Unlimited.

Dove is a 137k word novel. Although other stories may be set within its world, it is a standalone.

Dove’s Couples

Icarus Homer and Joe Merci

Couples: Joe and Icarus

There are plenty of good relationships in this story. Gotta start with the big one, though.

Everyone should enjoy the teasing relationship between Joe and Icarus. The two are in love since first word – before first word. The story begins after they’ve been eyeing each other for months. Icarus keeps coming to see Joe after he deals with his father’s hellish meeting on Thursday morning. Joe has no idea why Icarus keeps coming in at that time and specifically for Joe.

Icarus slowly spots a change in Joe, a worry within his brightness. Icarus wants to save him, but has no idea how. Tricking him into joining the annual gala probably isn’t a person’s first guess – a date at a coffee shop sounds like a better plan from my perspective – but he was aiming to save Joe.

They know nothing about one another for these months they eye each other.

When the truth surfaces,there is a question whether they can make it work.

And perhaps that’s why the relationship is teased out for so long. They call each other friends and co-workers when really, they are completely entangled.

But there’s no sex. Media suggests sex makes relationships. So it is easy for these two to think it’s not a “real” relationship. They’re just friends who cuddle every night and seek each other for comfort and care. Definitely not anything besides friendship.

Joe does do the same with Kristyn over the course of their friendship, but not to the extent he has with Icarus. The pair are always together; they want it.

Don’t hide behind what you think society wants from you and ignore what you actually want. Be honest and straightforward. You may not get as lucky as these two. The tease does end with a positive. They succeed at being a couple. Marriage, kid, everything.

Yes, they’re both men and male. They have a willing surrogate. It’s normal.

Dove published August 1st 2022! [Dove] The ebook and paperback are available on Amazon (US). Ebook will be Kindle Unlimited.

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