Tod Leben’s Dove: Bonus Pairings

Dove published August 1st 2022! [Dove] The ebook and paperback are available on Amazon (US). Ebook will be Kindle Unlimited.

Dove is a 137k word novel. Although other stories may be set within its world, it is a standalone.

Dove’s Couples ~ Not always romantic

Kristyn and Joe; Sam and Paul; Amy and Jonah


Kristyn and Joe:

These two are best friends start to finish. Always and forever have each other’s back. Kristyn is open to something more than “just friendship”, but Joe has no interest. A lot of people want Joe that Joe doesn’t want. They came together during high school as the two who came out. Joe wasn’t outwardly gay, so he still had a ton of other friends, but no one got him quite like Kristyn did. Kristyn was marked troublemaker because she is much more openly bi/pan/poly. She gained a lot of backlash and at a few points during high school, Joe was really her only friend.

Kristyn is chaos; she’s meant to be. She also claims everyone is her friend until they prove her otherwise. Fighting for society to accept people like her will always be a goal. She does it more for Joe than anyone else. She sees Joe, this amazing human being, and hates how readily society has thrown him away just for not being heterosexual.

Sam and Paul:

Cute new relationship between two teens. I’m just gonna point out it happens without fully giving any details. Maybe later.

Amy and Jonah:

Cousins and best friends. Jonah saved Amy from various events not that you hear about it. The two became very close and are called couple often, but there is nothing romantic about their relationship.

If you have any further couples you wish to hear me talk about, speak up. I can even give a few shorts around the different group. Nothing is off the table. Every named character is fleshed out in my head even if they didn’t have such a chance to show off on screen.

Dove published August 1st 2022! [Dove] The ebook and paperback are available on Amazon (US). Ebook will be Kindle Unlimited.

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work

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