Want me to review?

Have a book that is lacking in reviews? I’m open to attempt it.

Send me an email suggesting you need help/support.

I will need a free ebook to offer the review in return. You’ll need to let me know where you wish me to post the review besides here, goodreads, and amazon. As long as your book is findable on those sites, I’ll post.

If you want me as an ARC reader or beta reader, give me a heads up as well. I’m not a typical book blogger, but I am always down to help other authors.

There will be no payment/cost for any of these. Give me a clear timeline. If I cannot make it through your book or would give it 1/2 stars after your request, you’ll get the review by a return email instead of a post anywhere. You will be given the allowance for me to post in that case.

I am not the audience for all books. Not being the audience will not lower your star score. Star score for me means quality of story. Not being the audience means I may not make it through your story.


Dislike those forms? CatHartliebe@gmail.com is my email. Send it through whatever platform you prefer. (Or even leave a comment here with an acceptable email attached to your account, and I’ll reach out to you.)


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