Poem: One by One

Cat Hartliebe’s Poetry! (Tod Leben may sneak in here too. Ring me a few times if you spot a trigger not pointed out as one.)

This poem – One by One – is found in [Uplifted].

One by One

small steps
moving forward
taking it one by one

knowing the chances
arent even likely
but im not stopping
just because it looks hard

ill keep going
keep trying
keep doing
until i manage it

one step may be
all i manage today
but thats one step
that wasnt done yesterday

ill get there
with time
with hope
i know it
one by one

one by precious one

[Poetry Archive]
Published books with poetry: [Autist] [Fall in Love] [Non Human Best Friend] [If Non Humans Could Talk…]  [Poem a Day May 2020] [Uplifted] (Pictures lead to US Amazon link.)

Autist by Cat Gillette cover
Fall in Love by Cat Hartliebe cover
Non Human Best Friend by Tod Leben cover
If Non Humans Could Talk... by Cat Hartliebe cover
Poem a Day May 2020 by Tod Leben cover
Uplifted by Cat Hartliebe cover

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