Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status: Cover

[Proving Alpha Status] is a fantasy novel. You will be able to buy it on Amazon as both ebook and paperback, but it only set to ebook preorder [Amazon US].

Preorder is set for October 1st!

Proving Alpha Status’s Cover

Can you guess who made it using what software? You can if you’ve been reading about my covers.

Tod Leben's Proving Alpha Status cover


Like most of my covers, Proving Alpha Status was created by me. You’re shocked, I know.

Books are judged by their cover. The cover must give hints to the story while being pleasing to the eye. The keys are to hint at genre, notes about plot or characters, general mood, while giving out knowledge of the title and author.

I feel as if the marks are there. A reader should know looking at the cover the title and author. They should know it is werewolves. That pride is included somehow. And fighting a internal battle in some way.

This may not be as dark as many of my Tod Leben works, but it is not roses. Weighing options, the monochrome cover should work best. The two characters are fighting an up hill battle both internally and externally. Blood is included, but it’s not a bloody fight for the most part.

I used Pixabay for my graphics: Main Background and Added Wolf on the ledge. I did a minor color change to pop the title a little more.

I used a slight yellow font color (f9f9de in HTML). The font I decided on in the end is Palatino Linotype. Fantasy has a lot of options with font style. I could let it look a little more romantic, but the romance subplot is really a subplot. The author above (spacing of the background image lead to that) is 175 font size on my 2000×3000 pixel image. Yup, I go that big when creating. Bigger is really better when it comes to working digital art. The title is 275 font size for the image.

I used GIMP, a free software similar to photoshop. I’m getting better at it, but I’d call myself a novice at best.

Still, I keep creating new covers using Pixabay and GIMP. And time. Lots of time. I spent several hours just working on this. The first image was built quickly [Check it out on Lycacon blog post]. This one I weighed things and decided slowly.

The title still took longer. And once I settled on a title, I had to rework the cover just a touch. That’s the benefit of software like GIMP. Little changes are not the hardest.

I like it. It suits the story. It won’t stop readers from picking it up. My werewolves can have a real chance traveling the world similar as they do within their world. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Added Wolf:
Main background:
Slight changes were done by me.
Author above because spacing suited better.
Font: Palatino Linotype
Font color: f9f9de
Font size: author: 175 // title: 275 on a 2000×3000 GIMP image.

You will be able to buy the ebook or paperback of Proving Alpha Status on Amazon (US).

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work.

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