Poem: Love Me

Cat Hartliebe’s Poetry! (Tod Leben may sneak in here too. Ring me a few times if you spot a trigger not pointed out as one.)

This poem -Love Me – is found in [Uplifted].

Love Me

what can i say
what can i do
to make you see me
the way i see you

let me have hope
let me try hard
give me a chance
regrets far apart

dont be scared
of feeling like me
of reaching that place
deep in your heart

you know it exists
youve felt it before
give me a chance
to return once more

what can i say
to make you hear me
to make you feel me
to make you love me

what can i do
to lead you this way
to hit all those notes
not lead you astray

please open your heart
and let me see in
breathe my own words
touch that heartache

im open to hurting
because it is you
im already fallen
will you fall too

i wont lie
and say theres no fear
of being heartbroken
again this time next year

but there must be hope
no matter our wish
because life isnt worth it
without trying again

[Poetry Archive]
Published books with poetry: [Autist] [Fall in Love] [Non Human Best Friend] [If Non Humans Could Talk…]  [Poem a Day May 2020] [Uplifted] (Pictures lead to US Amazon link.)

Autist by Cat Gillette cover
Fall in Love by Cat Hartliebe cover
Non Human Best Friend by Tod Leben cover
If Non Humans Could Talk... by Cat Hartliebe cover
Poem a Day May 2020 by Tod Leben cover
Uplifted by Cat Hartliebe cover

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