Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status: Hair

[Proving Alpha Status] is a fantasy novel. You will be able to buy it on Amazon as both ebook and paperback: [Amazon US].

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Proving Alpha Status’s Hair Insults

Not against who you’re thinking.

Tod Leben's Proving Alpha Status cover


“It’s not that I don’t look human, okay. Same with the two near me. My skin color is golden in hue. My eyes are thinner than what I normally see. My brown hair coarser and straight unlike the normal human wisps. These people are… Like me?”

Ryan ~ Chapter 1 of Proving Alpha Status

This is the first quote referring to the general human. Ryan refused to suggest he was anything different even if he didn’t fit with humans.

Here’s Stacy’s view:

“I’m different. My hair is black-black. Neither of us are like the human’s hair that wisps, but my hair looks sleeker almost.”

Stacy ~ Chapter 2 of Proving Alpha Status

Wispy strands would not relate to the typical insulted remarks around hair. Wispy would be white hair, European hair.

I was insulted for my hair. I have both Lenape hair as well as European wispy-ness. Hair stylists of all kinds have hated my hair and thus me. Because the Lenape fine hair responds differently than the thin European nonsense I also have. My hair is fine/thin, but that means different things for the different textures.

I don’t need you seeing my mixed race features to have them. Those who notice treat me poorly (unless it’s other natives; the best professionals of all kinds for me have been native/Hispanic).

This entire book is for my native ancestry. The part of me the whites will never accept (and wish dead). The part I feel disconnected from even if I have so many connections. What Lenape were before the Trail of Tears is different from what they are now. The entire East Coast natives are broken, disconnected in so many ways from our history.

So to counter and fight against the insults and bullying I’ve received for being Lenape, I wrote this book. I literally wrote this for the Lenape in me. Hence why the main character walks into the family looking like everyone but not feeling a part of the family.

The minor insult to white hair is because everyone saw my Lenape hair as wrong, my Lenape eyes as wrong, my Lenape everything as wrong. So I want to give the reverse.

Dragon Rider 11th Grade has the insult to white hair as well. When Natalie and Alex visit Melinda’s family, it comes up. It’s said about Natalie’s hair within Natalie’s hearing range by a friend. Because that happened to me. People I thought I could lean on and trust gave me insults. Because I’m different.

They never “mean anything by it”. But it still hurts.

I’ll keep up these minor insults to whites in my books until the pain goes away.
I know the pain will never go away.
My hope is to have it stop being a casual thing in the future.

You will be able to buy the ebook or paperback of Proving Alpha Status on Amazon (US).

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work.

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