New Collection ~ Be Mine

My niece is getting married!

I am not going.

I am disabled and refuse to ask for accommodations. It’s abusive and traumatic, and they wouldn’t end up offering enough for my safety anyway. So I’m staying here. It’s not close in any sense. They’re getting married in Kansas.

But I shouldn’t disregard my niece just because my family sucks as a whole. I don’t dislike her. At this point, I’ll assume I don’t know her.

You can meet a version of her in [First Meeting]. She is Lucy within the collection. Does she still have the goth phase that made me write such a story for her? I don’t know. I have no connection with my family in Kansas.

It’s not like I received a special invite. It was a family invite. There was no, “Please come” by my niece in any way. I’m not bucking a special relationship. There was no direct communications at all with anyone. I am just a sidelined member who gets excluded for my safety. “[They]’d be no fun anyway.” “[They]’ve always been the sickling.” And it would all be transphobic nonsense and struggles. They’re transphobic normally. They don’t know about me. Not unless they cared enough to learn more about me. I can’t recall how often it’s written on my socials and blog posts.

So I’m not going.

But I realized even if I don’t go, I should have a gift. Several things went through my head. Nothing that would be safe for my family to take along, though. And I don’t have funds to spare either.

Digital world it is.

Which lead me to publishing.

Which lead me to remembering I have several stories and poems that work with a proposal book.

So, I need to collect the poems and shorts I have already, edit/revamp them, and create a special new one specifically for my niece and soon to be nephew.

And if I have time, I’ll write and add in Linda’s wedding to Liam. If you read First Meeting, the two most favorite stories were Linda’s Wolf, Liam and Vampire Daughter: Lucy.

Here’s the kicker:

The wedding is in two weeks on October 8th. It was originally planned for November, fyi. I didn’t realize the date change since i said I wasn’t going once I knew about it.

Now I have only two weeks to go from an idea (the cover was created today) to a finished project. Definitely not impossible. But it’ll be a stretch.

Interested in getting involved in my process? Or watching it form? Give me a message:

I came up with this plan last night. I built the cover today with a few minutes to spare. (It took less than an hour of time total.)

Finding the work will take effort. Although, if I find five poems and a short story plus the one I’m planning to create, it would be enough.

[Poem: Number 1 by Bigbang (Poem a Day May 2020)] [Poem: Will You?] are two poems that came to mind. [Always and Forever], [Trust Me Love], [Please Be My Everything], [Let Me Buy You a Dress], and [What’s Missing] are recent Instagram poems I can recall making on topic.

Short stories though… The one I recall being on topic… Won’t work. I’m gonna need to create a couple super shorts for this to really work.

Two weeks. Can I do it?

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