Keep Trying…. And Failing…

Nothing I say or write draws real attention. I don’t think anyone even reads my work in any sense. I’m just a joke. I’ve always been a joke.

offer free ebooks: no response

try to create a contest or giveaway: no response

try to gain attention for future work: no response

try to gain attention for published work: no response

im worthless.

all i do is fail.

why do i even have a blog? or a website? or even publish. im just a pretend.

the spirits have more support than i do.

the only answer is give up.

2 thoughts on “Keep Trying…. And Failing…”

  1. Replying this way because I no longer use WordPress and it won’t let me comment without logging in.

       Your first section is pretty much normal for most indie writers.  I wrestle with this stuff myself as do all but very few of us, and spent  several months myself this year thinking about giving up. In the end you  have to get out your reasons for wanting to write and take a good hard  look at them. Do they still apply, or do most of them? I’m guessing so.  In which case, sooner or later, you’ll feel like writing again whether  or not there seems any point in it.        Moving on to your second section, it seems to me it’s a basic  human need to want to feel understood, loved even. Again I think that  most of us who are drawn to write feel that sense of disconnect to a  greater or lesser extent: we feel outsiders, we feel misunderstood, or  worse, irrelevant to the preoccupations of others, ignored by them. We  write to try and tell them how it feels to be us, and even then they  don’t want to know.        But that doesn’t mean it’s pointless to exist, or pointless to  write. Our lives, like our writing, are footprints we leave behind, to  what effect we have no way of knowing.        Simply by being here we touch the lives of others, to what effect  we have no way of knowing at the time. Treasure your self belief. Who  knows what good the stuff you put out there may do? 
       btw the ‘likes’ were probably from people who read what you said  and empathised, but who couldn’t spare the time to respond more fully. 

    In hope Rob.


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