Cat Hartliebe’s Be Mine: Existence Guarantee

A collection of short stories and poetry around proposals. [Be Mine] will be published as ebook only shortly. Time line is too tight for a preorder. I can sent anyone a copy of the current for free if they’re interested.

This collection is a published gift for my niece’s wedding.

Be Mine’s Existence

A collection of seven poems and three short stories at current.

Be Mine by Cat Hartliebe cover.


When I first thought of this story collection [New Collection ~ Be Mine], I knew I had a few poems and a story that fit. Or I thought I had that. I found easily seven poems. And the short story I was thinking of? Nope. Won’t work.

But if you give me a few hours and a reason, I can knock out short stories like they are cheesecake (which I also made recently and devoured).

I now have seven poems and three short stories. The combined word count of the ebook is 3,477 words which is plenty long enough for the $2.99 collections I made prior (such as [Fall in Love]). I probably will be listing it at $0.99 until I either double the number of items or the word count.

All of the current options are directly related to the proposal. It may expand to include weddings/ marriage/ romantic love in general. There is nothing triggering within the work. No content warnings needed (minus proposal if that’s a problem for you). There are suggestive sexual notes, but they aren’t face forward and all consented to. No active scenes of anything deeper than a vague kiss. No erotic wordings anywhere.

This is meant to be fluff. After a round of edits, reorganizing the contents into an order I think works best, and perhaps adding another poem or short, this will be ready for the public.

I had two weeks when I thought of the idea. I’m set to succeed at the task.

You will be able to buy [Be Mine] from Amazon as an ebook or through Kindle Unlimited (KU). The goal is to publish it by Oct. 6th.

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work.

Word counts of my collections: (Solo paperback needs at least 25k words or a lot of pictures.)
[Fall in Love]: 8,718
[Autist]: 5,045
[If Non Humans Could Talk…]: 3,434
[Non Human Best Friend]: 4,076
[Just a Little Bit of Life]: 2,019
[New Jersey Favorites]: 5,544

[Be Mine]: 3,477

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