Finally: All or Nothing (updates besides)

I finally finished up all the edits and formatting (hours of work ugh). [All or Nothing Poem Book]

It is now published.

All or Nothing should get split into two separate books

All or Nothing: Everything by Cat Hartliebe (this is about 2/3rds of the entire book)

All or Nothing: None by Tod Leben (this is the final third with concerns)

Triggers will still not be listed. And I may have missed a poem here or there.

Setting up the split will be easy because it’s more copy/paste than edit, review, and format. But I need a break from working on it.

Proving Alpha Status is also published as KU, ebook, and paperback. It’s a Tod Leben werewolf novel. It is not connected to Modern Werewolves. [Proving Alpha Status]

Be Mine is two steps from being published. I reordered and reviewed my seven poems and three short stories. It’ll be published probably in it’s current state within a few days. It’ll grow as I find more (create more) for the collection. It is being created specifically as a wedding day present to my niece, so deadline really is set in stone (now that I have everything ready). [Be Mine]

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