Way over a million words

Where am I as an author?

I passed a million words a while ago. And really mastery of this craft needs to have a million words in final product. Because then you’ve gone through the entire progress on over a million words (what feels like a million times).

I haven’t marketed. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have skills.

Total stories ranging from plots (lowest plot wc 27), uncompleted drafts (548 is the shortest started story), completed 1st drafts (91 shortest), edited projects (39,411 shortest going through edits), published, and unpublished counts out at 406.

406 stories I can go back to. That I have lingering in my head. The longest I have is 209,014 words in a teen me creation that will either go through massive edits to be nothing like the first draft or will never greet the public (latter at this point). The shortest completed draft is Hot Apple Cider found in [Of the Coming of the Moon]. Yup, my shortest completed draft is published. My collections give me a place to put all these little stories.

When I count up all my stories that were published (short stories to Dove’s novel at 138k words) I have 92 published. When I revamp my collections to be full books, it’ll coast over 100. I know that. Total published word count? 599,465.

I’m under my million words published. Darn.

If I were to include those that were unpublished (Modern Werewolves first two novels are still unpublished) I only get to 775k. I’m closing in on published million, but I’m not really aiming for that.

I have 27 plots I am not working on. They’re just sitting there.

I have 52 open drafts who haven’t reached ‘the end’ the first time.

I have 225 first drafts meaning they have a completed draft, but I haven’t gone back to edit/rewrite them. Some have gotten minor edits done, but not any serious progress.

I have 5 second drafts. These are drafts that have gotten serious edits on them. A serious rewrite or major review and retooling.

I have 2 third drafts. They should be down to final edits.

Nothing is in the ready to be published (4th draft) classification. I shove them out the door when they reach here.

92 (I’m excluding my free can be found on internet published) stories are marked published.

When all the words are combined for all the drafts I have ready access (which isn’t everything I’ve written) (BACK UP YOUR WORK!) it’s 7,156,739 words.

I’ve surpassed seven million words in ready reach.

And no, none of these are poetry. When counting out my published work, I count in the poetry since it’s published books. But when we’re just talking stories, I’m at 7 million plus.

I’m gonna keep going. There’s only one direction: forward. I’ll write more. I’ll edit more. I’ll publish more. I’ll market more. I have to.

More than anything, I want to be an author. It was my toddler dream that was traumatized away. I’m going to aim for it even if everyone around me hates the very fact.

This is my skill set.

This is what I want to do.

No one can stop me.

One thought on “Way over a million words”

  1. And this organization is part of the reason I only have 1800 words for Nano. That and my disabilities disabling me. This month hasn’t been pretty.
    I’m always open to questions or comments. I can even show the full excel sheet I just built for this organization. Cause why believe me? (I mean I do have a lot listed on my main page: CatHartliebe.Wordpress.com Like a lot of it.)


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