I failed

I said over and over “No new stories Cat. Just work on something you already have.”

Why do I even try?

So… I was going to work on Kura. Or Team Rodrick. That’s what I was down to as I mulled over ideas and wrote super shorts to start the month.

And I found a new story. There’s hints of twilight without being like it. There’s hints of [Proving Alpha Status] (Published!). There’s hints of the typical werewolf vs vampire book.

But it’s not about the battle. That is a background story. And the love interest (mmm sexy werewolf) is just a side story. The real story will be my main character figuring out her magic. All she has going into the book is a book of recipes for her hexes/potions (a curse is a blessing; a blessing is a curse) and the understanding her magic is based on the moon. And since it connects to the moon in a particular way both werewolves and vampires want her.

Werewolves will treat her almost god-like.

Vampires will treat her as a pet.

Generally anyway.

So I have little to nothing beyond that, but let me drop what I’ve written so far (yeah, I started today).

Between (Current WIP Title)

A between. Caught between vampires and werewolves, nothing seems to ever go right. The vampires keep coming, keep wooing me. Think shallow pricks and you’ll be right. Why do I keep falling for them?

I’m a moth caught by the flame. and if this keeps up, I’ll end up dying from it.

It wasn’t always like this. Well technically it was, but when I was little, I had a group of guys always protecting me. I was treated as a little princess.

Because it’s not just vampires who want me.

I’m wanted by the werewolves too.

Caught between two massive species seeking me for domination in a world that’s unstable. The humans keep encroaching on their worlds. I am trying to find safety in the human’s normalcy. Their refusal to see the world beyond.

How could I be the connector? What special abilities do I have? I don’t know. My family line has a connection to the moon. There’s magic there I can’t access. Not because of age. I’m old enough now (I wasn’t when the wolves treated me as a princess). But I cannot find my family if any exist.

What am I supposed to do?

Chapter 1

“The moonlight would be perfect on your skin.” We met up for a nice stroll through the sunlit gardens. My car is at the gate. His car is the same. I scan the man. I only agree to sunlit dates. Still, I’ve been tricked. Vampires are figuring out ways to agree to even the sun touching them.

Because it’s not direct. Shadows, shade. Sunglasses and make up. Sunscreen is their potion of choice any more. A proper bottle will protect them from the sun for hours. Don’t trust anyone with a SPF 100+ bottle in their car. They’ll all been vamps.

Maybe I need to carry a hex bottle with me. Should force them to give space. But… It forces everyone to give space. A vampire cringes from the hex itself. Humans cringe from the smell. I can’t blame them. It’s bad. I’m glad I have the recipe, but it really needs to be reworked.

It has me sigh. This one looks questionable. Vampires don’t just tell you, they act it. And questioning him would make him mask better.

I look to the setting sun.

“Look the cottage. Shall we check it out?” He takes up my hand. Cold hand. Not that humans take care of themselves well enough not to have cold hands.

“No thanks. I think I need to head home.” Dates need to end before sunset.

“A few more minutes.”

“I really can’t. Sorry.” I back off.

His eyes thin as he yanks my hand toward the cottage. Vampire strengh. Now it’s certain. If only I had some idea to my power. The little hex book that came with me since I was little doesn’t offer me much of anything. It’s just a few recipes mostly healing or protection. I need something to destory.

Or big bodyguards. It reminds me of my uncles. Getting separated from them… They purposely tossed me into a human world never to touch their pack again. Because I was ‘of age’ without being truly of age. I know now. I didn’t understand then. They smelt my first bleeding. And that was it. They paid for my schooling. I still glance at the bank account they placed in our names. It’s always bursting. Ready for me. With each new drop having the note: ‘don’t try to return; sorry’.

I grunt and shove the vampire away from me. Into shadows which would be their body’s preference. They’re easier to move into safety. I move into direct sunlight for a better view of them. Sunscreen should still work well enough. “Why are you after me?”

“I only wish to look at the cottage with you.” He motions to the small building. He doesn’t join me in the sunlight though. No point taking a chance. Pretend a normal human. Why can’t I see through it?

“No thanks. I’m going home.”

“Perhaps a different-“

“No.” I try to step out of their grip. I should be better than this, but even with my black belt I’m nothing compared to a vampire in strengh and ability. My judo comes in handy, though as I throw them away from me. I hear a giant crack as they slam into the tree. He didn’t break, the branch did.

I start to run back to my car. Safety inside is the requirement. Human protections not nature. I love nature. I am a child of the moon just like vampires and werewolves. I just don’t know what that means. I can’t easily access her without someone aiming for me.

I hear the crunch of leaves. The vampire is faster than me. I hope the delay gives me enough time to reach my safety net. He won’t be able to join me in my car. That was not included in permissions.

I have the worst first dates.

As I’m starting to feel the magic of the vampire reach me, the cold darkness I know is all them, a blast of heat soak through it. I spin to have bone dust cover me. Wrong move as I cough out the damage. I’ll need a proper healing hex tonight. Bone dust can kill a human. And it seems it can kill my kind too, whatever we are.”

“Sorry.” Someone drops from the trees nearby to check on the dust left from the vampire. “Catch.” They toss a small pouch my way.

A hex? Of forgetfulness? I drop it. If I hold it too much I’ll forget things too. It just takes longer for me. “I don’t want to forget. Better to remember such events so I don’t repeat them.” I huff. I seem to constantly repeat them. “I need a better way to get dates.”

The person moves closer. I back off so they can pick up their little pouch to slide away. “You know what this is.”

“I’ve made them before, but rarely have a need to use them. Humans have a habit of just forgetting vampires and werewolves exist. Not like I can use my magic.” I roll my eyes.

They nod slowly to review the lack of vampire. Even the dust disappears readily. A vampire only functions through blood magic and the moon. That’s what they need.

“Thanks for saving me. I wish vampires didn’t learn about sunscreen. They can be anywhere.”

“And it’s even waterproof.” They nod facing me. “I’m Rick Briar. I’m from the Nick’s mountain area. Remote cabin.” He shrugs. He pulls out his phone and slips through a couple pages. “There’s an item you can buy at the store that removes sunscreen.”

“Make up removal stuff normally can.” I nod. Didn’t think to do that. I should. I should force them to remove everything before a date. But… It doesn’t seem… Safe?

“Holy water?”

“I’d need my shaman to cleanse it, which I don’t have a connection to.” Nor do I even know if I have a shaman to connect to.”

“This zone has a shaman though.” Rick shows off a name and number in his phone. “Location only holy water. He’ll make it look like you’re cathotic, too. Literally no one will question.”

“Thanks.” I add Adam Leeks into my phone’s contacts. Maybe he knows more about me. Normally a shaman can get something. I’ve chatted with a few. But the spirits who guard me refuse to speak. Shamans can only do so much. “I’m Madeline Ike.”

“Nice to meet you. Wish it was under better circumstances.” Rick motions to the empty place where a vampire once was. “How about I take you to the diner instead? Sun set will get more of them in the area.”

“Do you have a vehicle?”

Rick grins following me back to the gate. I get into my car and Rick takes the vamp’s. Keys must’ve been left in the car or Rick found them within the lack of body. Didn’t think to look. “I’ll drop it off at a friend’s. Make sure it’s legal or force it to be legal.”

I call to him while starting up my car. “Follow me. I know where I want to eat. You’ll buy for trying to make me forget.”

“As long as it’s close.”

I pull into my favorite little hole in the wall. My mouth waters over it. When was the last time I brought someone here? Whatever.

He pulls up beside me. “Give me like five minutes to bring this car over to-“

“And run back?” I question him and get a grin again. It’s a massive, wolfish, eat me alive grin. I step back worried over such a thing directed my way.

“A few minutes. He’s just around the block.”

I lean against my car watching the the strange savior disappear around the corner. “To go in or stay out waiting?” I look at the sky. The sun is getting lower. I’m safer inside. If he shows up, I’ll have a tablemate. I weigh for another second before letting hunger win.

The ding of the door has me relax. I’ve marked every corner with protection. No vampires can enter.

“Madeline! Welome back! Praises on us you found the time to visit.”

I grin as the heavy set owner moves around the bar to offer me a giant hug. “Hi, Phil.” He steps back. “Marie! Marie! Look who came.” That gets me his petite wife dropping everything to hug me as well. “Been a while.”

“Had a vacation to North Umbridge.” I smile softly.

“Who asked for what, lady?” Phil places me in my normal booth.

“Someone may enter suggesting they’re here with me. Rick Briar. He’s only allowed to join me if he agrees to pay.”

Phil nudges me as Marie sits on my other side. “Trying to get lucky?”

I think of the person who knows about vampires and shamans. Who knows they aren’t fantasy, games, or myth. “Anyway, the couple from North Umbridge asked for a hex. You know them.”

“Missy and Greg?” Phil rubs his chin. “Hm… Was it asking for fertility? I don’t think that would work. Requires a base line to boost.”

“They invited in the wrong sort. They need to ask human doctors for fertility help.” I nod. “Made them a amulet for every door and window. And I carved into their fireplaces the markings of protection. Hope they remember to light each one monthly. The hex only works with that addition.”

“Or a sprinkling of holy water.” Phil nods.

“Or fresh herbs.” Marie smiles. “I place the collection you suggested over every doorway and window. People just think I’m being foolish.”

“No one messes with vamps.” Phil looks to the door.

Rick walks in looking around. Not a vampire then. My permission wouldn’t give him allowance in. Even with Phil’s permission, they would have to be carried in.

“Big guy.” Phil sizes him up. “Call for me if you need to teach him manners.”

Marie pats my hand. “Phil loves teaching manners.” She scoots out of the booth. “Rick?” Marie motions to where I am seated.

Rick sits down as Marie and Phil watch. “Know the owners?”

“Yup. Favorite hole in the wall. They’ll just bring you what I want.”

Rick scans me. “You’re a little thing. Are they going to bring out enough for me?”

I sigh. I’m a big eater. Especially if I was using magic. “This was where I was planning to come for dinner. I’ve been gone a while. Busy besides.”

Rick seems questionable. “Alright.” He scans the place. “They know?” I nod. “Those are my hexes in the windows. They reset them monthly like clockwork. I’m on moon cycles.”

Clearly it’s just an opening. Want a fun comparison? Check out [Proving Alpha Status]. Want to question me to offer up alpha reads? I’m down. It’ll get me staying on the story. I don’t know exactly where it’s going. I told you everything I know.

I’m going to work some more on it. I’m clearly not done. And I can keep moving along until I have more data.

Hmmm… What type of witch is this moon mage? Because that’s how she’ll classify. This is witch magic. But I don’t have further understanding of her magic. But if you have a general idea how moon magic works, you’ll grasp a little bit better who she is.

Wish me luck!

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