Nanowrimo 2022 Update: Nov 12th

I’m seriously behind. Nearly half way through the month and I have 13k words.

Those words are between 9 short stories, Kura bk 3, and my new story Between (I failed).

I’m buckling down on the new story. If a short shows itself (no pressure), I’ll write it, but I’m focused on getting this new story out. I want to clear it.

I realized what medical condition is active, though. Long covid has me again. Many of my disabilities do not stop me from writing, but this one can and has. I had zero symptoms last month when I had the actual virus (couldn’t even give you a date), but I’m getting the fun hate-filled long term effects again.

This sucks.

And if my health declining wasn’t bad enough, my computer has been giving me problems. Clearly it’s in decline. I need a new one. How am I going to get a new one? No matter how much I do, I am not being supported nor am I capable of supporting myself.

This really sucks.

I may fail nano. If I don’t have a computer, I can’t get my words down. I’m too disabled to manage it by hand or by phone.

I may be screwed.

Ugh. I’ll never succeed. There is no hope. Death sounds better every day.

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