Free Gift!

My birthday is a month away (December 17th!).

I may or may not drop my ebooks to 99 cents to celebrate (some may change; who knows).

But none of them will be free like previous years (perhaps I’ll make First Meeting ebook free on my birthday; decisions).

I am never against giving my work away for free, though. I need profits to support myself, but these stories need more readers. I’m already in a point of there’s no chance to have a real life, so might as well gift my book away to everyone.


Send me a message with the subject: Happy Birthday Cat! (or in the text body; I’m fine either way)

Within the body you must include the email address (assumed would be the one you’re using), the ebook you wish for (any that are on my main page), and the type of format you want (.mobi will be default).

That’s it! Free ebook for wishing me a happy birthday.

How long do you have for this chance? I normally do my free ebook gifts all through December. So you have until the new year to request.

My email? [ ]

Check out my main page for the full collection I have of released books. []

If you are interested in alpha or beta reading (or wish for a future ARC), those are always open options. Just ask and you’ll be surprised what you can gain.

If you want to give me a real gift my paypal is set up:

Support me on Paypal (Dinner): ($20/month)
Support me on Paypal (Coffee): ($5/month)
Have me Make you a Poem: ($20)
Any Blog Post, Poem, or Single Story in PDF or MOBI format: ($1)
Shorter Ebook Collection: ($2.99)
Longer Ebook Collection/ Novel: ($4.99)

[Make it clear which book you are asking for. There needs to be a usable email for all transactions. Information given will only be used for the transaction.]

PayPal: ; CashApp:$CatHartliebe (If you just wish to show love)


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