Nanowriomo Update 2022: WINNER

Can you believe it?

This may be the furthest into the month I’ve gone before succeeding at my 50k words, but I reached it. 50k written in fiction works this month.

Most of those words have been in Between [I failed]. I want to reach the end before the month ends, but with two days to go… I don’t know. Do I consider it a failure? No. I hit my word count. I rebelled at the beginning and had a week where I wasn’t even writing a thousand words a day.

I finally got over my burn out when Between showed itself before me wanting to be written. The story has fully formed and now it’s time to sit before a computer and type.

Which I’ve been doing. Between is now over 40k words and will keep going. Maybe tomorrow I’ll hit that moment and clear the first book. The problem being, there is already a book 2 in my head. This will be a trilogy and I really hope it’ll only be a trilogy. I don’t think I need more than three books.

This is dark urban adult fantasy that gives a woman the same comfort you’ll find in romance and ya. Just this is very much for adults who love fantasy too.

Interested in more about it? Interested in more of my works in general? I’m always open to chat (and I fully accept random alpha/beta readers).

This is year 10 of nanowrimo wins. This is year nine of being a published author (although you would’ve been hard pressed to get those words out of me for the first few years I was published).

And I assume Between will reach publishment one day. Just not soon. I want all three books in the trilogy with draft one complete. I’ll do serious reworking before hitting publish for book one. I want the books to truly showcase a lot of things. I just know it won’t be rewritten completely. Unless someone nags me enough to work on it continuously, I’ll assume at least 2024 before this sees the public.

The stories I worked on this month: (and the collection they belong to)

Fall in Love

  1. Pink Shoes
  2. This is Not a Video Game

Be Mine

  1. The Next Step

If Non Humans Could Talk…

  1. Nutty


  1. New Things

New Jersey Favorites

  1. First Ocean Visit (Might be Autist too)

Just Life

  1. New Residence (grief book?)
  2. The Ice (grief book?)

Dragon Rider

  1. Brooke Bleeds DR7th


  1. Kura bk 3
  2. Between vamp/werewolf new novel (41k+ words; the main work)

If you want any the winner goodies codes (I won’t be using any of them), you can ask. There’s nothing saying you can’t just cheat as long as it’s still November. This is an honor code system. No one will tell on you.


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