Cover update! Fall in Love

[Fall in Love] [US Amazon]

Fall in Love needed a new cover. I wouldn’t call the original bad. It suits while still being a little off. The cover was a bit too dark. Too harsh. Too low quality. But the idea behind it suited.

So that meant an update to the cover would be needed before I tackle the full paperback [Foolish Idea! (Maybe)].

I have so much to do to manage to succeed at such a task. Publishing doesn’t take a few minutes after all. There are so many steps.

And in this case, I’m updating an old ebook only collection. So everything that was within the work will stay (pretty much as is).

The additions will need to be worked into the book as a whole. I’ll need to decide if separations are useful. I need to decide order of poetry and stories.

Fall in Love has had a revamp before. It had much less work within it when I first published. This will be the second revamping. And the final revamp. If there needs to be a third, the entire book will be pulled. Who knows if that will happen.

Even when I get this set up as a paperback, [Hartliebe Poems and Shorts] will contain the current amount. I need to weigh the other ebook only collections in there. I have both [Be Mine] and [Just a Little Bit of Life] that are not within a paperback. I can create a new paperback only with a collection of ebook only collections. It would be Hartliebe Poems and Shorts II. And the current version will be pulled. But that can only happen after I review all my work as is.

But I am making progress even if no one sees it. These random updates are to say my progress netted me something.

The cover is being updated on KDP now. I can take up to 72 hours to process.

I even revamped the promo square I use:

Progress is progress no matter how small.

Wish me luck! Feb 14th will come quickly. I should manage, but I also don’t know how busy the month will be.


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