SS: This is Not a Video Game

I have so many stories written. Of the around 100 stories published, most of them are short stories. My collections cross genre and meanings. And maybe you’ll find all of them on the blog some day. No guarantees.

This short story will be found in the future in [Fall in Love]. Fall in love with nature/hiking/outside.

I wrote this one during Nanowrimo 2022.

There may be a trigger concern I have not noticed. Think in terms of the collection it should connect to what could be a problem.

This is Not a Video Game

“Why do I have to go?” The ten year old wanted to spend the entire Saturday playing video games. Video games would be impossible at the National Park. “Chris and Doug get to enjoy the entire Saturday in their rooms. Why can’t I?”

“What does Chris or Doug have to do with our plans, Kevin?” Mom pulls a coat on to the child. She knows how to force. Kevin hasn’t been the easiest to handle over the years. “We’re going hiking. There’s somewhere I want to show you.”

“In Minecraft?”

“No. Minecraft will never offer you real life experiences.”

Kevin whines. Mom forces Kevin into the backseat. She even buckles him up. No chance of escape with locked doors and a moving vehicle. “I just wanted to play video games. School is horrible. Now my weekend is horrible too?”

Mom doesn’t respond. She turns up the music as Kevin continues to whine and complain.

They stop in a dirt parking lot. Mom pulls out a small pouch for Kevin to carry. To easily hold the water bottle. Mom pulls on her hiking back pack. It’s lighter than the one Kevin needs for school. Still Kevin is glad he doesn’t need to carry it.

“Really?” Kevin grunts following his mother into the woods. “Why are we doing this? I just want-“

“To play video games.” Mom smirks at him and his whine. “There is more to life than video games.”

“Don’t get all philosophical on me.” Kevin huffs. He shuffles after Mom.

“If you let go of expectations and just be, you’ll find a lot more in life.”

“I can be anything if you just let me stay home.” Kevin growls out. “That’s how video games work.”

Mom sighs. “Give me a chance, Kevin. You’ll be shocked what’s out here.”

Kevin huffs and crosses his arms while following. He can’t readily leave. If Mom is forceful, that means he has to go.

“You used to love hiking with me.”

“Before I found more fun stuff.”

Mom pauses to look at Kevin. “Like?”

“Stuff.” Kevin huffs.

“Look through the trees.” Mom motions to the edge of the pathway. “What do you see?”

Kevin glares at his mom before stepping to the edge to see past the branches. He inhales sharply upon seeing the open air. Down below them is the city he knows. It looks more like a video game image, but in real life.

Mom leans closer pointing out a neighborhood to the east. “Our house is just over there.”

“Our house? It looks like…”

“Video games are based on our world. Our world isn’t based on video games. Yes it can offer a lot, but if you really want to experience things, you need to step away from the controller.”

Kevin looks at his mother as she steps back to the path. Then his eyes scour the scene before him. “Mom, I don’t think I’d mind coming with you again.”

“Good.” Mom fixes her pack. “I have a waterfall I think you’d wish to test the temperature of.” She offers a smile. “Next weekend.”

“I’ll wear my swimming suit then.” Kevin rushes ahead. “What else is there to see here?”

“A lot. If you’re open to looking.” Mom grins. “Let’s go!”

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