Poem: Not Alone

At this point, I have over two thousand poems. You can see nearly a thousand of them in All or Nothing. Most of the new poems are on my Instagram [Cat’s Instagram].

This particular poem can be found in Uplifted, a poem book that’s meant to bring hope to everyone and Of the Coming of the Moon, a Halloween/myth/fear themed poetry and short story collection. Let me know if I’m successful (ie review please). [Uplifted] [Of the Coming of the Moon] [All or Nothing]

Not Alone

The unwelcoming feeling
Of sitting alone in absence.
Nothing’s around.
Or is it that you just cannot see?

The enveloping sensation
Of wondering if things are here.
Something’s around…
Isn’t it? What is that sound?

Movement draws the eyes
Something pricks the ears
Closer still, the thing comes
Tense up before it reaches you

The welcoming touch
Of someone you love.
Someone’s around.
Sight isn’t needed to feel calm.

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