7 out of 9 + years

What do I mean by that? I’ve had this website/blog for seven years. I started publishing over 9 years now. I was late getting this started.

I created a facebook page three months after I hit publish too.

I literally had nothing to show off my writing. No where that was Cat Hartliebe’s. I was using my accounts under Catgil85 for marketing. Cat Hartliebe didn’t exist.

I did this all wrong. Don’t copy me.

Create your pen name and identity first. Create your blog/website/pages first. Let people know before you hit publish that you are hitting publish.

Do not throw out work without serious study and prep.

Not that I’m good for serious study and prep. Doesn’t really mesh well with my ADHD brain. And I was planning the publishing for months, but kept putting it off. As if it would be too much to manage.

I did my best while not hitting anywhere near what I should’ve done.

No help. Not in the beginning. Not at any point.

And that’s part of why I am nearly ten years in without much to show for it.

Writing skill was never the question.

I always sucked at sales. I struggle to speak. And I’m not boastful. It’s mostly trauma.

But there was that pressure. I needed to give my work a chance to find their audience. If I just made it public accessible, there was a chance those who needed my work could find it. Even if that chance was slim. So I hit publish without setting myself up for successful.

And I’m fine. It is still the same now as it was then. I publish so there is a chance I will be found by the audience who needs me. I don’t fit the normal writer expectation. I never will. And that’s fine. Everything about this is fine.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


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