Poem: Vendredi

At this point, I have over two thousand poems. You can see nearly a thousand of them in All or Nothing. Most of the new poems are on my Instagram [Cat’s Instagram].

This particular poem can be found in Uplifted, a poem book that’s meant to bring hope to everyone. Let me know if I’m successful (ie review please). [Uplifted] [All or Nothing]


Je suis triste.
C’est jeudi.
Vendredi vient.
Tu es heureuse.
C’est jeudi.
Tu n’as pas d’école.

Bien Jour and Vendredi are my two French poems within Uplifted. Both were created in high school as extra credit for French. I loved French, but I was never truly interested in the culture, the place, or the people. I love languages and French is so different. Plus, I only had the options of Spanish and French as a freshman (nothing else fit with my schedule). I ended up taking Italian and German during high school. Then in college, I managed German as well. Now my preference for learning a language is Korean. Talk about the easiest language I’ve ever tried. I attempted Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Thai before. Korean was… Actually it may have been my first Asian language I interacted with, but it wasn’t the first one I tried learning. I question. I’ve tried learning Mandarin several times, but I’m pretty sure any serious attempts were after 18. I watched k-dramas with my first boyfriend, so… (I didn’t even know the language was Korean, ok? I was just enjoying the drama.)

Anyway, these two are my non English poems in Uplifted. I have quite a few non English poems now. And I will create more. I like testing my skills and knowledge in another language by writing poetry or stories. Yes, stories. I have a nice epic short story that connects to [Leagende] in German. It took a lot, but was so beneficial to learning. My flash fictions in Korean say something about me. I’m going to keep doing that.

All my non English poems created before December 17th, 2021 are in All or Nothing. My Korean ones are in 한국, so they appear after all the Latin alphabet ones (this alphabet). Vol 2 of All or Nothing will have non English poems as well. Because guess what I did within the eight months after December 2021? Wrote more non English. You can check out one out here: [Fleurs].

You can buy All or Nothing and Uplifted on Amazon. They are Kindle Unlimited. The ebook and paperback are available to buy.
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