Poem: Dreaming of Bigbang

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Dreaming of Bigbang

Bigbang rocks
And I could watch
From the seats close by

The performance was perfect
Ignore the mess ups
That makes it even more worth it

Last night while tucked under covers
I could gaze at them for hours
As images danced behind my eyes

This won’t just be a dream
I know it’s not just hope felt wishes
Bigbang will return to the stage

I will definitely get tickets
And watch them offer up
Their love to the world

Life is alright
Because this won’t stay a dream
And I’ll get to listen in real time

Check out more about Big Bang on youtube or instagram: [Big Bang YT] [GD’s YT] [GD’s Insta] [Taeyang’s Insta] [TOP’s Insta] [D’Splay YT] [Taeyang’s YT]

I don’t think the group is active anywhere else even if they do have socials elsewhere. And mind you, I did join Instagram specifically for GD. Because he was only active there. That’s how deep my love was. I didn’t want to deal with another social, but GD is too powerful.

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