SS: The Perfect Flower

I have so many stories written. Of the around 100 stories published, most of them are short stories. My collections cross genre and meanings. And maybe you’ll find all of them on the blog some day. No guarantees.

This short story can be found in [Be Mine].

Be Mine is about proposals, so enjoy this gentleman trying his best.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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The Perfect Flower

There’s a store on the corner I need to visit. I’m expected at Rachel’s, but before that I need to visit the store on the corner.

It’s nerve wrecking to do this. But I have everything I need. The little box in my pocket. The jewel will fit her finger perfectly. But for Rachel, it has to be absolutely perfect.

And that requires a dozen red roses.

I exhale looking at the shop. The florist knows my name now. And knows when I go on my big dates. A casual meet up doesn’t need flowers. But anything we plan beforehand needs a bouquet. Unless she tells me that’s a bad idea. I get her only one rose then. I can’t not offer something.

“Welcome, Greg.” The florist offers me a winning smile. They know I come to buy. “Dozen?”

I exhale. “Is a dozen enough? For this?” I show off the small box.

The florist’s eyes widen. “Has it been long enough?”

I chuckle. “You should know how long.”

“That I do.” The florist moves about the flowers humming a little. “But red roses have been your go to. It won’t be special enough. I don’t think so anyway.”

“Really?” Break my heart in two. It’s always red roses. Red roses can’t be called special, though, if it’s always.

“But I have just the thing.” The florist pulls several flowers into a bouquet. A flower I’ve seen but couldn’t name. Everyone knows a rose. And a red rose means love. “Dahlias. According to tradition, dahlias mean commitment forever.” The florist shows me the lovely bouquet of flowers. Flowers I never really knew. “Is that not what today is supposed to mean?”

I exhale fingering the box I have. Commitment. That’s what today is supposed to mean. “She’ll be surprised it’s not roses.”

“I suggested you ask her more questions about flowers. Or bring her into the shop. Let me spot her interests. Roses aren’t the only way to show love.”

I nod and pay. Roses aren’t the only way to show love. I inhale the flowers I have for her. “I was thinking…” I grin at the florist. “Perhaps I should get her rose bushes. As part of my wedding present to her.”

“Any questions about flowers, ask me. I can explain what roses need to weather things around here.” The florist motions to the door. “Go ahead. Ask her the words the dahlias are trying to speak.”

“Thanks a bunch.” I chuckle and head on my way. The perfect flower for the perfect day.

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