Poem: Sight

At this point, I have over two thousand poems. You can see nearly a thousand of them in All or Nothing. Most of the new poems are on my Instagram [Cat’s Instagram].

This particular poem can be found in Uplifted, a poem book that’s meant to bring hope to everyone. Let me know if I’m successful (ie review please). [Uplifted] [All or Nothing]


barely a breeze
yet im looking forward
to the sea of faces
because i know youre within them

the tell tale sign
im looking for it
the one that i seek
one sight and im weak

your sight unhinges
my mouths on the floor
im staring
and wheeling
as you walk across the floor

your voice is like ivy
smooth as silk
and were losing stamina
while you drown us out

the moment i knew it
just had to be you
was when you called out
for somebody new

its not like i answered
the call went unheard
even if i wasnt the one you sought for

my body is tingles
we can barely make a sound
while you whistle
and chatter
and make rhythm bounce

we stood there in the heat
because you would sing out
my heart skipped a beat
every time you did shout

its like time stopped moving
your general note
im falling
just faster
until time has run out

will you notice me
just staring at your pretty life
or is this a chance ive missed time after time

please give me a listen
please voice shout out
tell them im something
stop leaving me out

im new here
im listed
but dont count me out
im looking for you
to notice my sound

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