The Audience

[Writer’s Stuff] Writing is a complicated skill. The more knowledge you gain, the better you’ll be. Pick and choose what works for you. Not everything will suit your style. And nothing is absolute when it comes to writing.


When writing it’s important to know basics. Whether we’re talking professional, personal, or fictional, there are a few key pieces that transcend all writing.

One of which is Audience.

Who are you writing for?

Many times a diary entry is written for you now, you in the past, or you in the future. You aren’t writing for someone else special. Why call it a diary entry if it was written for another?

And most fictional first drafts are being written for you. The who changes when you decide to publish. Who are you writing for becomes a thing. But the bulk of fiction is first written for the author of the work.

Professional is always written with the audience in mind. Who are you writing this essay/report/email/letter/etc for? Your boss? Your colleague? Your friend? Your family member? Your doctor?

Do you see how it is never you?

Professional work is truly meant to be for another from the first moment you decide to write it.

Why is audience such an important piece of writing?

Why does it transcend things?

The better you know the audience and what the audience wants, the better your writing will be. You write for them. You rewrite to suit them. You aim to give them what they want.

Knowing your audience is also how you find your marketing groove.

Market to your audience

No matter how many times you write ‘Baby Proofing Your House’ books, you’ll never sell if you don’t market to new parents or others who’ll see babies soon.

Who is your audience?

Where do they hang out?

What ad placements do they see?

If you know your favorite readers would be all over Instagram, use that place to market. Find the hashtags on their favorite platform to reach them easier. Find groups they would gather in. Chat them up if possible. Let them know your work exists.

Because that’s all you’ll need to do if you find your best audience. They want your work; there will be no persuading.

When it comes to marketing there are three groups: The ‘always yes’, the ‘maybe’s, and the ‘always no’s. If you can find your always yes, marketing will be easy. Maybes need persuasion. And a no won’t give you a second glance.

As I said someone who has no interactions with a baby will not buy ‘How to Baby Proof Your House’.

Find your audience, write for them, market to them.

And the rest is just savor the success while getting to the next story.

More writing skill posts can be found on [Writer’s Stuff]. If you want to read some of my stuff check out my main page: [].

If you have a suggestion for another post, let me know. I love explaining things.

I plan to turn my collection of writing skills posts into a book. I’ve been saying that for a while, though, so don’t hold your breath.


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