Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status: Quotes (2.0)

[Proving Alpha Status] is a fantasy werewolf novel. [Amazon US].

It will be free from March 13th to March 17th on Amazon: [Free Ebook Sale?]

Proving Alpha Status’s Quotes

Now technically, I already posted the quotes: [Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status: Quotes]

But I have turned the pretty words into a series of pictures! Yay!

Pictured Quotes: (But first the list.)

  1. In this world, it’s eat or be eaten. And I was almost eaten.
  1. In case you didn’t know, don’t walk into a vampire lair. Definitely unsafe.
  1. “Ryan Lycacon.” I laugh. It was a joke. How could I be attached to the power family that manages to control the king? “Sorry. I’m not connected to that family. It was meant to offer an orphan some level of comfort.”
  1. Survival means nothing if the brain is fried.
  1. Wait a second?! Lycacon? “Where am I?”
    “Lycacon compound. You’re home, Ryan. We’ve been waiting for you.” Sarah offers that soothing smile again.
  1. “Are you trying to grasp everything? I’m probably not the best to ask. People normally refer to me as meat shield not brainiac. Sarah would know more. Or Ant. If you get past his… thoughts on the matter. I wouldn’t think Grandpa is the best… He’s one sided, and it’s normally not the one you wish it was.” Tim pauses tapping his chin.
  1. “I have a ton of questions. But the first is: Is there cake?”
  1. Here… Here, I’m a nobody. Part of me doesn’t want to give that up. I was afraid as well as excited to be named Alpha.
  1. “Mom…” I’m thirty years old and still get scolded by my mother.
  1. “Found you!” High pitched and hyper voice right before I am tackled. I grunt as a human straddles me from above. Their mood sours a touch. “You shouldn’t be that easy to takedown.” A hand comes out to me. “Lydia Lycacon. Technically, I am your sister.”
  1. “My son, Ryan Lycacon, your future alpha has finally returned home. It has been many long years of struggle and issues, but everything will settle now that our true heir has returned home.” Grandpa motions me to his side.
    The moment people can see me, they start cheering. I mean wild cheers as if I’m the most famous person in existence. I stop a meter from Grandpa to stare at the size of the crowd. I had an idea before, but… hundreds. This family is huge. And generally all of them are sun kissed. All of them look like me. Lycacon. I’m a real Lycacon. I can’t ignore this. The minor differences between us doesn’t change our similarities. I had no idea the truth.
  1. I followed her. It was only a few steps, but I’m following her like a lost puppy. Part of me feels like a lost puppy. But I know that’s not the reason I’m following. I found my dream. This woman is… She’s my everything. What’s her name?
  1. Then she attacks. No. It’s not fists or kicks. Nothing like that. Her lips find mine. Her hands reach for my hair tugging me around. I am slammed against the wall as a tongue slips into my mouth. I’m shocked. I’m confused. And I’m smug. The not me-me part is smug.
  1. I pull back looking over the fresh new skin. I run fingers over his gold. It’s so much like the rest of the pack. He belongs here. I stare at the difference between our colorings. I am more like moonlight shining down. He is the sun.
  2. I get to be protected by my mate.
    Not mate. Damnit Wolf. Stop just describing him as a mate. Friend. Lycacon pack member. ‘Hottest wolf in existence.’

Slideshow of all of them. A gallery on them is further down.

You are able to buy the ebook or paperback of Proving Alpha Status on Amazon (US).

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work.

A gallery collection of the 16 images. Enjoy.


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